Johnny Trigger 4 Is Going to Hollywood

Everyone in the film industry understands that finally making it to Hollywood is a byproduct of hard work, perseverance, and a clear vision. Not all filmmakers make it to Hollywood, but those who do are given a rare opportunity to be noticed and appreciated. No one knows this all too well than Jerdarius Collier as his short film Johnny Trigger 4 makes it on the big screen during the Marina del Rey Film Festival.

Jerdarius Collier, who plays the character Johnny Trigger in the film, is the founder of BlackHawk Productions, a rising film production company that brought the movie to life. The action-packed thriller tells the story of a secret agent out to stop a master hacker from world domination after the villain kills Steve Jobs and steals his technology. The big questions that follows is, “Will Johnny Trigger be able to save humanity from eternal slavery?”

Collier boasts of the movie’s value. The project, which was inspired by Matrix and Mission Impossible, has a captivating storyline that revolves around an epic battle between good and evil.

When he was just six years old, Collier was fascinated by the performance of the late Paul Walker in the 2001 installment of the famous Fast and the Furious. Even as a young boy, he had an eye for great talent. At first, he could not understand why he was so drawn to the actor. He later realized that Walker became his motivation to consider acting. He began to understand that specific events happen for a reason.  

Collier understands that rare opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime, and he counts himself very fortunate to have the chance to showcase Johnny Trigger 4 in a large audience. 

“Let’s just say that I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity like the Marina del Rey Film Festival that is paving the way for the future generation of aspiring moviemakers to showcase their talent. Kudos to the directors, Devarian D. Mayweather and Roc Nash, for pulling off such an intriguing story in under just 26 minutes. All the actors did a tremendous job, and it doesn’t feel like you’re watching a low-budget short film,” Collier shared. 

As the founder of an emerging production powerhouse, Collier has very ambitious and impressive aspirations for BlackHawk Productions. As a visionary entrepreneur, he sees his company becoming as big as Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, and Columbia Pictures someday. While most people would think that his ambitions are way out of his league, Collier has always been driven by noble intentions—to create a better life for his family and impact the world positively through his uncommon storylines. 

At the rate that he is currently going, there is no doubt that Jerdarius Collier will soon become a recognizable name in the film industry. With his great passion for film combined with his hard work and determination to succeed, it is highly likely that he will one day go head-to-head with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.


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