John S Ritz Helps Families Secure Homes and Future by Getting the Best Mortgage Rates

Getting the best mortgage rates is crucial, especially because people’s homes are on the line. Thousands of people have lost their hard-earned money and homes because of mortgages, which ultimately led them to make compromises in other important aspects of their lives. John S Ritz understands the weight of the role mortgages play on homeowners. Hence, he is committed to helping his clients get the best mortgage rates possible through his proven and tested strategies.

John S Ritz is the CEO of Dragon Mortgage, a leading home loans processing and brokerage company. The CEO and his team of committed professionals have helped countless clients get the best mortgage rates and obtain their dream homes. Dragon Mortgage is known for serving aspiring and existing homeowners with passion and expertise. The company is driven to exceed its client’s expectations and deliver nothing but the best results. In turn, Dragon Mortgage has gained the confidence of many families across the country for years.

Mortgages may sound simple, but John shared that he has met many people who tried to go through the process alone and failed to succeed. Mortgages may bring a lot of headaches if not handled properly. Thus, working with a firm is still the best move for handling mortgages. As an expert who has dedicated years in the mortgage industry, John has developed a formula that gets his clients the best rates, lowering their chances of risking losing their homes and securing their future.

“There’s so much to mortgage, and the financial industry hasn’t made it simple enough for end-users. That’s why we do what we do – to make things simple for people so that one’s dreams of buying a house doesn’t turn into a nightmare,” explained John. “I love working directly with customers, guiding them through the loan application process, whether clients are first-time buyers, upgrading to their dream home, purchasing a second home, buying an investment property or refinancing,” the CEO added.

Dealing with mortgages all boils down to experience, a factor John confidently has. Backed by his master’s degree in Business Administration major in Real Estate from redding University, the CEO helps his clients understand the ins and outs of the property market.

Before John built Dragon Mortgage, he worked in underwriting with FHA and Conventional loans. He also has a long history with prominent mortgage companies. He has worked as the Senior Manager Consultant for Centennial Mortgage Group, Senior Loan Officer for Lending Capital Group Inc, Director of Business Development for Equity Prime Mortgage, and Senior Vice President of Operations for Liberty Mortgage LLC. 

Furthermore, John currently serves in the Gibbsboro Planning and Zoning Board. The CEO took the role in 2020 and continues to serve the community to this day.

Asked what he wants to achieve in the future, John shared that he envisions Dragon Mortgage to grow and serve more people. The CEO aims to help people acquire their dream properties through the best mortgages and empower them with the know-how of the landscape. John wants his clients to see mortgages with fresh eyes using his strategies.

John is currently residing in Gibbsboro, New Jersey, where he resides with his wife and two daughters.


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