Jennifer Lyall: Teaching Entrepreneurs to Check Their Inner Battery As Often As They Check Their Phone Battery

Jennifer Lyall: Teaching Entrepreneurs to Check Their Inner Battery As Often As They Check Their Phone Battery
Photo Credited to Jennifer Lyall

Entrepreneurship is a fast-paced environment. With little time or resources, those brave enough to attempt the lifestyle often find themselves struggling to balance their personal lives with the many roles that they have to play. Many end up exhausted and burnt out, having spent all of their energy without even realizing it. Jennifer Lyall has made it her mission to remind others to check their inner battery as often as their phone battery to address the energy depletion epidemic.

As both a business owner and mother, in the early days, Jennifer found herself exhausted , often staying up until 2 AM trying to finish her work. It took the help of her coach to point out that she needed to make a change. Her day was filled with everything but moments for re-charge, leaving her depleted and simply pushing through to get everything done.. 

It was through taking the necessary time to stop, take 2 minutes, and “check her inner battery” assessing how she was feeling on a scale of 1-10 physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually,  that she was able to begin paying better attention to her energy, mindset and what she is trying to accomplish. According to Lyall, your productivity and focus transform when you pause throughout your day to honestly assess these 4 factors.

Protecting Your Physical Strength

Taking a break and assessing how you feel physically is crucial to avoiding complete exhaustion. It’s easy to go days without stopping to think about how you feel, how rested you are, and how your diet has been. According to Lyall, this should be one of the first things you assess when you pause to pay attention to your energy.

Jennifer’s commitment has always been to the health of her clients and followers. Ever since she started her business in 2008, she’s helped many unlock their potential by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. By incorporating daily check-ins focused on how she felt, she began to reclaim her well-being and better understand her needs in the middle of a strenuous struggle of work/life balance.

Staying Emotionally Charged

An honest look at one’s current emotional state can give them a lot of insight into how they will be able to handle the demands of the day. Each of us keeps emotions alive throughout the day, often bringing anger or frustration from one situation into other interactions, impacting relationships, and the ability to positively impact situations. By assessing how these emotions are influencing their perspective, business leaders can ensure that they understand their own emotional needs and can deal with these feelings without allowing them to affect their decisions.

Keeping Your Mental Energy

Assessing yourself mentally involves a pause to reflect on what’s going on in your head. Is your mind racing and scattered with a million thoughts in different directions, or are you clear and focused? Lyall recommends entrepreneurs ask themselves how clearly they are thinking as it affects how they are seeing their situation. 

What makes a business owner’s actions effective or not is their ability to clearly assess the problem that they are trying to solve. This can only be done if a person is able to take control of their dominant thoughts, otherwise, your judgment can be clouded by worry, doubt, and fear from stories in your head about situations from the past. 

While it’s not possible to be perfectly focused every single minute, learning to have the majority of your thoughts (dominant thoughts) focused will result in higher concentration, more effective problem-solving, and task completion. 

Finding Spiritual Balance

It’s impossible to make the right decisions when your body is in survival mode. Lyall sees our experiences as creating unique trends in our behavior. No matter what an entrepreneur has been through, they can be certain that it will in some way affect the work that they do. Her advice as to what kind of spiritual state is ideal is simple, “When you’re not in the thriving zone (8/10 or higher), you are suffering unnecessarily.” 

Your well-being and your success are not independent focuses in the life of an entrepreneur. They are intertwined. By paying attention to these 4 factors, Jennifer has enjoyed tremendous success and has helped others achieve a far better state of wellness with upleveled results in their business too.

Jennifer’s upcoming book teaches how you can better understand yourself in a world where it’s difficult to unplug. She continues to teach others the value of taking care of their inner battery. As she will tell anyone who wants to know her secret for success, “Take better care of yourself than your technology. You can’t operate at your best when your inner battery is drained. You wouldn’t sacrifice your phone battery, why would you do that to your body?” 

You can learn more about how she is changing the lives of entrepreneurs at her website.


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