Jeff Roberts Is Revolutionizing IT for Small and Midsize Businesses Through His Company Innovation Vista

Jeff Roberts
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By: Whitefriar PR

Jeff Roberts, founder of Innovation Vista, isn’t your typical IT consultant. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in IT leadership, Roberts has garnered recognition as a five-time CIO and a visionary in digital transformation. His vision to reshape the way small and midsize businesses (SMBs) approach technology has helped many companies transform their relationships with IT and significantly boost revenue. 

The Birth and Mission of Innovation Vista

Roberts’ story began with a realization: many SMBs lack the expertise of a seasoned Chief Information Officer (CIO) – but desperately need strategic guidance in navigating the complexities of modern technology. “I had been toying with the idea for over five years before finally acting on it,” Roberts says. When a company that had just been acquired needed help transitioning its tech, Roberts jumped at the opportunity. 

His inspiration for Innovation Vista stemmed from witnessing the pitfalls faced by companies that undervalued their IT departments, viewing IT as merely a utility rather than a catalyst for growth. Roberts saw an opportunity to rectify this issue by providing contract C-level IT consultants with valuable technical and industry experience, specifically tailored for SMBs. “Success for our clients involves setting realistic expectations, facilitating exploration and matchmaking to understand their needs, and providing tailored proposals that bridge any gaps in expertise,” Roberts says. 

Since Innovation Vista first launched in 2019, Roberts and his team have driven over $2.4 billion in new client revenue and IT-driven cost savings for their clients. “Our approach goes beyond efficiency,” Roberts says. “We focus on monetizing IT and driving revenue, market share, and competitive advantage for our clients.”

Serving clients from a variety of industries like financial services, real estate, logistics, and healthcare (to name a few), Innovation Vista prioritizes personalization, understanding that what may work perfectly for one client may not be the right approach for another. “We’ve been recognized for our distinctiveness,” Roberts shares, “particularly for our extensive network of vetted consultants, ensuring the perfect fit for each client and project.” 

Learning From Failure, Teaching From Experience

Building Innovation Vista wasn’t without its challenges. In fact, Roberts admitted that on several occasions he “bit off more than his consultants could chew” in the time he gave them,  but he views these challenges as lessons to improve how he serves his clients. “Failure really is the best teacher, and I’ve failed many times throughout my career. Now, I’m able to take the lessons I learned and help my clients to avoid making them as well”.

Based on his own failures and successes, Roberts approaches IT from a very different angle than many consulting companies. He doesn’t view it as a headache and a necessary evil, rather, he sees IT as an incredible opportunity. “Many companies don’t realize that they are leaving money on the table when they don’t invest in IT. We have proven case studies of clients yielding ROI of  200, 300%, and even 600%, simply by investing in their IT solutions”. While many IT firms focus only on stability and automation, Roberts and his team prioritize leveraging technology to drive revenue, market share, and competitive advantage.

What’s Next for Innovation Vista

As Innovation Vista continues to disrupt the world of IT consulting, Roberts remains focused on delivering tangible results for his clients. “Success for myself involves continual exploration, learning from failures, and making meaningful contributions to the success of others,” Roberts shares. With recent accolades including recognition as one of the disruptive consulting companies and the number one CIO services provider, the future looks bright for the Innovation Vista team. 

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