Jedari Changes the Game for Online Community Managers and Builders

Technology has bridged people from virtually any part of the world. With reliable and seamless internet connectivity, individuals with the same passions and interests can form and join communities. But as digital communities welcome people worldwide, the population of such circles could easily blow out of proportion, making it difficult for community managers and builders to stay on top of their communities. Seeing the gap, Jedari enters the scene with the goal of helping community leaders with its game-changing and groundbreaking solution to community management.

Before Jedari, there were no other online platforms available offering an all-in-one innovation with all the features of community managers to build and organize their community members. The founders, being community builders and managers themselves, know how difficult it is to jump from one platform to another just so they can fulfill their roles effectively. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and make a simple yet efficient platform that integrates everything community managers and builders need for their communities. 

Setting the bar higher from other community management platforms, Jedari offers fresh features tailored to the needs of community managers and equipped to help them grow their communities. Jedari was built to help users manage, scale, and serve their communities better with unique functionalities, such as live streaming, direct messaging, unique, customizable member profiles, private and specific community groups, member participation scoring, and a vast library that houses videos, documents, and training available for the entire community. Not only does Jedari connect people, but it also enriches their lives by adding knowledge and value to their online experience. 

Anyone with a tribe or a community would surely benefit from Jedari’s innovations as it is the most robust and inclusive app allowing them to connect with their people in real-time. Its connectivity features are no other, making the process of communicating and transferring information within a massive database as seamless as possible. 

Jedari is the result of six years of research and commitment by its founders. “In six years of running a multi-thousand person tribe, we have not found one platform that did everything we wanted, so we built it,” the founders said. The team wanted to present the world with a tool that provides everything one might need to build and manage the best communities. 

Furthermore, Jedari also enables users to create posts, host online forums, and send private messages to other members of the community. 

Officially launched this year, Jedari has successfully gained the trust and attention of many community managers as the platform filled the absence of an all-inclusive innovation. In today’s rapidly changing world, tools such as Jedari are genuinely making a difference. As the world enters the virtual space deeper, the need for smooth solutions like Jedari rises at a crucial pace. Without a doubt, as a frontrunner and pioneer in presenting the world with such a feature-rich and all-inclusive solution, Jedari will change the way online organizations work and significantly change the life of community managers worldwide. 


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