Jason Fandrich Dominates Spirits Industry, Gives Audiences a Taste of a Decade With Gracefully Aged Tequila

Being one to acquire the rare status of Certified “Experto Tequilera y Catador de Tequila,” Jason Fandrich is indeed one to watch. He is the founder and CEO of Cuestión Spirits Company and is widely recognized for implementing a perfect blend of management and marketing geared for corporate success.

Jason Fandrich lead’s today’s ultra-premium spirits industry. Cuestión Spirits Company is best known for its unrivaled tequila. Cuestión Tequila is currently one of the finest spirits in the United States, celebrated by patrons across the country. The renowned tequila is matured for up to ten years in the fields of Jalisco, Mexico, fermented, distilled, and poured into masterfully crafted, hand-blown glass bottles. The brand prides its tequila for offering tequila enthusiasts a taste of a decade in every drop.

“We at Cuestión Tequila believe that everything in life should be ‘Cuestióned’ for it is the pursuit of wisdom, wonder, and shared adventure that makes life worth living,” shared the CEO. Together with his co-founder, Jose de Jesus Dominguez Figuroa, Jason Fandrich has provided customers with an awesome array of ultra-premium tequila, such as the Cuestión Tequila Blanco, Cuestión Tequila Reposado, Cuestión Tequila Añejo, and Cuestión Tequila Extra Añejo ‘XO.” With its amazing selection, Cuestión Tequila has been a top-of-mind choice for A-listers who frequent fine dining, elite social gatherings, charities, cigar events, and more.

Cuestión Tequila is packaged in an inverted question mark bottle, embodying its uniqueness and elegance both inside and out. This impeccable attention to detail added to the brand’s reputation and piqued consumers’ interest. Distilled from 100% all-natural blue weber agave, Cuestión Tequila is truly a statement of refined flavor and taste.

Asked what motivated him to build Cuestión Spirits Company, Jason Fandrich shared that he built it more out of accident than pure motivation.

“After meeting my business partner in Mexico and hearing his dream and goals, it became my dream and goal to help him achieve all he desired,” explained Jason. “Then, once the process began to become a realization, the total impact created in Mexico by the development and success of our brand became the number one motivation for me—to create an amazing brand with unmatched quality while positively affecting the environment in which we work is as much motivation that I believe one needs.”

In five years, Jason Fandrich and his team envision taking Cuestión Tequila globally, expanding their flourishing American market to Europe, South America, Central America, Mexico, and Russia. On a mission to efficiently serve consumers worldwide, the company also aims to diversify its products and develop more brands that would complement its world-class tequila.

Jason Fandrich obtained a business degree from the University of Tampa and a degree in Entertainment Industry Studies from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Before founding Cuestión Spirits Company, the CEO established several other businesses in multiple industries, including mobile medical technology, real estate, dining, and entertainment. From all of his endeavors, Jason was named one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs from Belmont University for two years straight.

“It doesn’t take a celebrity or multi-millionaire to create a sustainable and successful brand. I believe it takes pureness in motivation, a willingness to take risks and a desire to positively impact those around you,” said Jason Fandrich. “It’s not what we do but how we affect others which define us.”To learn more about Jason Fandrich and Cuestión Spirits Company, visit their website.


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