Jason Ballard’s Formula for Unlocking Your Productivity

Jason Ballard’s Formula for Unlocking Your Productivity
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In a fast-paced, chaotic world where focus is an irreplaceable skill, Jason Ballard, a former Wall Street expert turned performance coach and business consultant, is on a mission to revolutionize productivity in our fast-paced, chaotic world. He aims to provide a blueprint for finding focus amid a sea of distractions, helping individuals and businesses achieve sustainable peak performance.

Jason’s story begins at the University of Miami, where he was a student-athlete participating in Division 1 track and field while graduating Cum Laude in Finance. He then embarked on a 17-year Wall Street journey, where he worked on a mortgage-backed securities trading desk, a high-pressure and fast-paced environment.  

Jason was unaware that his athletic history would significantly affect his career. As a child, he attended a basketball camp where former Milwaukee Buck and NBA Champion Jon McGlocklin gave a speech that changed Jason’s life. The speech transformed Jason, but not because it was about basketball. McGlocklin’s speech was about the mindset of successful people and how they spend their time. Two things stuck with Jason after hearing that speech. First, elite performers are abnormal, and they approach things uniquely. Second, they follow a formula: Vision-Plan-Execute.

Jason implemented these two lessons about success into his life. He recalls, “This was the base of how I still live my life today, and it is my passion to transform lives and organizations, just like Jon did for me.” When Jason started Primetime Elevation, he gambled by trying something new and diving into the unknown. The coaching and consulting industry presented a steep learning curve. Jason realized that helping clients achieve peak performance and productivity required understanding what he calls the “people pain points” that held them back.

Jason has plenty of experience through multiple high-level organizations, significantly affecting his personal and professional development. His Wall Street success and lessons learned from sports performance scientists provided valuable perspectives. 

Early in his Wall Street career, Jason transformed his boutique firm from near failure to generating one billion dollars in tailored mortgage-backed securities. Many firms tried to replicate this but failed because they needed higher productivity. Jason still finds time in his day to balance work and his life, which he is proud of as many experience burnout on Wall Street. 

Jason envisions Primetime Elevation empowering individuals and organizations to seize their day, achieve peak performance, and create work-life harmony. Jason’s ultimate dream is to one day be the world’s leading voice on productivity. He hopes to prove that through his formula, a few minor changes in your life can drastically improve your professional and personal development. 

Find Jason on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-ballard-primetime/ or his Instagram handle @PrimeTimeElevation, where he shares motivation and advice to conquer your business and life goals.  

His book Game Plan: Conquer the 24 summarizes his philosophy: success comes from prioritizing what matters most. The title describes his feelings on how to make the 24 hours that everyone equally has in a day count more. Jason’s story shows how to achieve peak performance and experience growth in a world full of distractions.  


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