Jamari Jones Shares Digital Strategies for Innovative Marketing

Jamari Jones Shares Digital Strategies for Innovative Marketing
Photo Courtesy: Jamari Jones

Today, in the digital age, old billboards have changed into flashy digital screens, grabbing people’s attention like never before. Amidst the whirlwind of bytes and pixels, a grand quest unfolds— for relevance, visibility, and engagement. With billions of souls traversing the digital expanse daily, the potential for impact is staggering.

Insights from the World Economic Forum hint at Digital Transformation’s potential to unlock trillions in societal and industrial value by 2025. Yet, mastering the digital world can be challenging as it demands expertise, innovation, and a thorough grasp of its constantly evolving nature. In this symphony of voices clamoring for attention, one individual shines as a beacon of expertise: Jamari Jones.

As the founder of Crowded Functions ATL, he’s renowned for hosting events, themed parties, live performances, and immersive experiences. Established in 2017, it offers experiences and nightlife events in Atlanta. With an innovative outlook, he strives to carve out a unique brand identity while reaching potential customers through different channels.

Armed with a specialization in marketing from Georgia State University, Jamari is known for his pioneering approach to digital marketing. 

Being the Digital Marketing Manager at Love Renaissance, Jamari helped create Summer and 6lack campaigns and fully led marketing for BRS Kash’s “Throat Baby” single. His efforts led to the achievement of platinum and gold RIAA certifications. 

With each swipe, click, and tap holding sway over consumer behavior, Jamari shapes the digital narrative one interaction at a time. Here are his insights:

Social Media Marketing

A staggering 4.9 billion individuals use social media across the world. These users engage with six to seven social media platforms monthly, emphasizing the importance of adopting a multi-platform strategy for effective social media marketing. 

One effective strategy for engaging these users is sharing visually captivating content like event flyers, photos, and videos. Sharing visually appealing content, such as event flyers, photos, and videos, generates interest among Jamari’s followers. 

Interactions with the audience provide a more immersive and personalized experience, making users feel more connected to the content and the brand behind it.

By maintaining an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to interact with his audience regularly, Jamari effectively builds and nurtures a community around his brand.

Data Analysis and Targeted Marketing

According to a survey, 92% of top marketers emphasize the importance of using data analysis to understand people’s preferences for business growth better. Jamari believes researching the target audience’s preferences and behavior is important to customize marketing campaigns and boost reach.

Jamari Jones analyzes data from Eventbrite, his primary ticketing platform, and conducts simple polls on social media to gather insights.

Realizing his target audience is college students, Jamari has promoted his events at educational institutes such as Spelman, Morehouse, Clark Atlanta, and Kennesaw University. As a result of extensive analysis and over 120,000 contacts in his database, his college event with 300 attendees has grown to attract over 3000 participants over the past five years.

Interactive Flyers and Creative Content

Flyers typically involve eye-catching visuals and captivating designs that attract potential customers.

With his unconventional and creative engagements through flyers, Jamari aims to spark interest and bond with his audience aged between 18 and 27. He enjoys designing interactive flyers, exploring controversial topics, and sending out playful text invites.

In the race for success, industry giants and emerging contenders must heed the call for adaptation. With the digital revolution in full swing, companies can’t afford to sit back and watch. Those who hesitate risk fading into obscurity. Jamari Jones’s innovative strategies offer a guiding light for businesses navigating the digital frontier, illuminating the path for young marketers.


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