Islambek Sultanbaev’s performance as the CEO of KIO UNION helped other investors create businesses and hired numerous unemployed individuals, both of which had a favorable impact on the US economy.

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The transportation of goods and supplies to different locations is a crucial function of the trucking industry, which is a significant part of the worldwide economy. To transport goods to their destination, the industry consists of trucking firms, owner-operators, and truck drivers. KIO UNION’s exceptional transportation and logistics firm help businesses in North America by making their lives easier. They offer a variety of services and consultations, and they have over 4000 clients, including Target, Amazon, and FedEx. Islambek Sultanbaev is the organization’s leader.

The CEO of the logistics and transportation firm KIO UNION is now Islambek Sultanbaev. He also holds official membership in the Forbes Business Council. Only the most accomplished professionals in their fields are selected with care and invited to assist, establish, and coach in Forbes Business Council groups and events. Islambek is additionally a part of the Intermodal Associations of North America (IANA).

The intermodal freight transportation sector is represented collectively by IANA, an international association. KIO UNION is one of the IANA member firms with a current market value in the North American market of $51B. Islambek Sultanbaev received his degree in business administration from an Accredited university by UK Westminster. 

After a business Bachelor’s degree in 2018, Islambek moved to the US to pursue his Master’s degree in International Business at Abraham Lincoln University in California and finished successfully in 2020. 

Following the completion of his business bachelor’s degree in 2018, Islambek relocated to the US to enrol in and successfully complete his Master’s program in International Business at Abraham Lincoln University in California.

Following the completion of his master’s degree, Islambek successfully established the logistics and transportation KIO UNION company, which provides general freight services to significant US brokers. KIO UNION now has agreements with numerous renowned carriers, like Amazon, FedEx, UPS, JB Hunt, and many others. 

In order to reduce unemployment during an economic downturn, KIO UNION seeks to not only develop transportation services for the US market but also potentially have a significant national impact. This was evident when the US confronted COVID-19 and economic recession and many people lost their jobs particularly in the transportation industry. 

In this instance, Islambek Sultanbaev, the CEO of KIO Union Company, provided over 40 drivers job chances, especially in economically struggling regions like Ohio, Nebraska, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, California and Florida.

In addition, Islambek Sultanbaev assisted more than 20 American investors in building up their logistics and transportation companies from the ground up.

These businesses include, among others, West Town Cargo, East Town Cargo, IM United, Drive-X, Cargoverse, Resfuta, Pacific Atlantic Logistics, Hi-Five, CVG Express, and Prime US. 

Islambek Sultanbaev, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience, currently consults for these businesses on business development, market issues, and scalability. Islambek recently received an award from the Forbes Business Council for demonstrating excellence and industry experience in the logistics and transportation sector on a global scale.

In no distant time, Islambek will establish the Transportation and Logistics Club at the Forbes Business Council, where he will regularly research and provide data on the domestic and global logistics sector to like-minded colleagues. Additionally, he will assist like-minded professionals in finding solutions to many daily problems in the transportation and logistics business. As a specialist in international business with a Master’s on the subject, Islambek plans to soon expand his transportation company to Canada and start providing freight services there.

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