CTRL Entertainment: Innovation in Dance Under the leadership of CEO Lucy Mangion

Innovation in Dance Under the leadership of CEO Lucy Mangion
Photo Courtesy: Joel Corry / CTRL Entertainment

By: Brian Goldbloom

In the vibrant cityscape of Melbourne, Australia, an innovative dance company is redefining the entertainment scene one beat at a time. Founded in 2019 by the dynamic and visionary dancer and choreographer Lucy Mangion, CTRL Entertainment has swiftly ascended as a beacon of creativity, passion, and unparalleled energy in the Australian entertainment industry. With a clientele that spans over 50 distinguished venues countrywide, CTRL’s unique blend of high-energy performances and stunning visuals has become an indispensable element for events ranging from global sporting spectacles to exclusive corporate gatherings.

At the heart of CTRL Entertainment’s ethos is its founder and CEO, Lucy Mangion. Starting with a desire to carve out more opportunities for herself as a professional dancer, Mangion’s entrepreneurial journey reflects not just personal ambition but a dedicated mission to uplift and empower dancers across Australia. “My business, CTRL Entertainment, is needed to create more jobs for dancers, and to elevate events and help create a more energetic atmosphere,” Mangion shares. This vision has not only shaped her company’s direction but also positioned it as an influential player in transforming event experiences nationwide.

CTRL Entertainment’s repertoire is as diverse as it is impressive. The company has left its mark on some of the world’s  prestigious stages, including performances at major global sporting events like the Pockets Pro Sport International Pool event and electrifying appearances at leading music festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, Lucky Day Out, and Keep It Together Festival. Beyond these large-scale spectacles, CTRL thrives in enhancing nightlife with their presence in nightclubs and performing alongside artists in live shows and music videos.

What sets CTRL apart is not just their extensive portfolio or their commitment to excellence; it’s their dedication to creating meaningful employment opportunities within the dance community. With over 30 venues relying consistently on their services, Mangion’s initiative provides a stable platform for dancers around Australia to showcase their talent while pursuing their passion professionally.

One of the crowning achievements of CTRL Entertainment under Mangion’s leadership has been collaborating with world-leading DJs such as Topic, Joel Corry, Havana Brown, Will Sparks, Marlo & Teddy Cream. These partnerships have not only elevated the profile of CTRL Entertainment but also underscored its capacity to deliver high-caliber performances that resonate with international audiences.

Beyond the glitz and glamor of show business lies Mangion’s unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that champions women’s leadership within the entertainment sector. By steering one of Australia’s foremost women-led dance companies towards remarkable success, she challenges industry norms and inspires aspiring female entrepreneurs in creative industries worldwide.

Engagement with fans and followers extends beyond physical performances into digital realms through CTRL Entertainment’s online presence (ctrlentertainment.com). Herein lies an invitation for enthusiasts to delve deeper into their captivating world – be it behind-the-scenes insights or announcements of upcoming spectacles – further bridging connections between performers and audiences.

As we look toward the future of entertainment in Australia and beyond, companies like CTRL stand out not merely for their artistic contributions but also for their role in shaping industry standards towards inclusivity and innovation. Through visionary leadership coupled with relentless passion from its team members,

CTRL Entertainment exemplifies how artistry can ignite change both on stage and within society.

Mangion reflects on her journey thus far with humility blended with ambition: “Starting this company was about carving out space where I could merge my love for dance with my desire to make tangible impacts within our community.” It is this spirit – grounded yet forward-looking – that propels CTRL Entertainment towards new horizons while steadfastly enriching Australia’s cultural tapestry.

Lucy Mangion’s story serves as an indelible reminder that when vision meets purposeful action; boundaries are transcended – transforming individual dreams into collective realities that resonate far beyond the dance floor.


Published by: Khy Talara


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