Influential Speaker Jay Jay Takes Brands From Zero to One Hundred With Ace of Spades Agency

Photo by: @lensaccess

Launching a brand and landing on success is a great challenge for every starting entrepreneur. More than grit, passion, and heart, establishing an identity and a stellar reputation in the business world requires well-thought-out and tailored strategies. 

Having captivated a crowd of thousands onstage and off, international and sought-after speaker Jay Jay is well-equipped and excited to take up the task.

With a whopping 15 years of experience in a career that has embraced over 30 countries, Jay is a renowned figure in the speaking industry. Over a decade ago, as he was climbing up the ladder, he experimented with social media to grow his audience.

So, he went into YouTube. Starting a YouTube channel was a different experience then as it is now. The technology was not as advanced in 2009, and there were not as many interactive platforms to advertise a brand and connect with people. However, despite this, Jay Jay organically grew his channel until he leveled to a jaw-dropping 57,000,000 views online.

Millions of people were tuning into his work. The avalanche of positive feedback was indescribable. Jay Jay was helping individuals worldwide stay motivated and go for their dreams. Seeing his impact rise and doors of possibilities creaking open, the celebrated motivational speaker decided to expand his desire to help in another endeavor.

“From early on, being an entertainer, I saw the power of how to leverage and use your brand to get given exposure, which led to amazing opportunities,” he shares. “We are our own personal brand, and it’s super important to share that with others.”

Holding a hand out to aspiring and struggling influencers and entrepreneurs, Jay Jay launched Ace of Spades Agency. 

Ace of Spades Agency is a public relations and social media company driven to help clients gain the attention they need to express themselves. Employing the techniques and strategies that have earned Jay his status as a superstar influence and authority, the Internet icon and inspiration has catapulted countless brands into recognition and deserved success.

However, it is not only the brand that Ace of Spades Agency takes from zero to a hundred. With his extensive career and experience as an international motivational speaker, Jay also brings the brilliant minds behind the ventures to optimal levels. 

The influential entrepreneur reveals that he tells his clients and his audience nearly the same thing – giving them the same push towards their goals. “Start telling the world who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. People want to hear from you; they want to work with you. It is now your turn to tell the world.”

So, he continues, people should face challenges with their heads held high and start sharing, posting, and telling their stories.

With a life-changing message and groundbreaking services, Jay’s influence knows no boundaries and continues to stretch across borders through the brands he has connected to a crowd of millions. In less than five years, he hopes to continue down this path. He sees himself on a global stage, sharing with young, aspiring, or struggling entrepreneurs hard-earned techniques on raising their mindset and personal brand.

Walk with Jay Jay towards the global stage. Learn more on how he elevates brands from zero to a hundred on Ace of Spades Agency’s official website. 


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