Influencer Dhana Bunel Proves That Women Can Have It All

Influencer Dhana Bunel Proves That Women Can Have It All
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After centuries of facing prejudice and gender bias, women are taking their rightful places in the limelight. They demonstrate that they can do anything–sometimes even better. In the meantime, other empowered women who have since embraced their strength and femininity have created a platform to encourage their fellow sisters to follow suit and discover their innate abilities.

One influencer who’s showing that women have what it takes to achieve their goals is Dhana Bunel. She has an impressive resume under her belt. Besides being her platform, she’s also a model, CEO of her own company, and—above all—a mother.

“I love to create new opportunities for myself and the World that surrounds me,” she shared. “I cannot really say that I chose my path. It was almost like my path chose me.”

Dhana’s followers know her for her fashion sense, which is her way of staying in tune and genuine with who she is. In doing so, she discovered a whole new world that allowed her to communicate with others and create content that people could relate to.

As a mother herself, Dhana’s style resonated with other mothers across the globe. But she hopes to do more than help them find their fashion sense according to their comfort and preferences.

“I want to be able to help other women to become financially independent and successful on their own,” she said.

One way she’s doing this is by setting an example through her business Chez Graze, a catering service that creates stunning and gourmet charcuterie boards for various occasions while being eco-friendly.

Through Chez Graze, Dhana proves that women can become successful in what used to be male-dominated industries, like the culinary entrepreneurial landscape.

Additionally, the multi-faceted influencer and mother also plans to create meaningful partnerships with local producers, companies, and governments to share the beauty and connection that comes from food and spread her message about women’s empowerment.

“I am putting the first stones for something that can build new foundations in this deceptive economy and help mothers and entire families to win their life with Chez Graze,” Dhana said.

With so many responsibilities on her plate, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Dhana felt burnt out from the expectations she had to meet. But she has one piece of advice to keep it from happening, and that’s to choose battles wisely.

Despite her progressive plans for Chez Graze, Dhana plans to continue her career as a fashion model and influencer to inspire women from across the globe. Moreover, being a mom at 40, she aims to promote a healthier lifestyle while teaching others to approach and embrace every struggle to create a sustainable environment for the present and future generations.

More importantly, she hopes to share the message that it’s never too late to start living the life we want to live with other women.

She knows what it feels like to lose a part of herself, career-wise when she takes care of her son full-time. However, she also understands that not many mothers have the privilege of caring for their children as she did. Nonetheless, she believes that women shouldn’t have to choose one from the other and worry about what others have to think or say. 

“It’s never too late for a second career to approach a new lifestyle or a new project. And, of course, to start all over again. And on this task, I will lead by example. I would not advise others, I will do it myself,” she said. 

As she navigates a new chapter of her life, Dhana hopes that her female followers will join her in working toward their goals. To them, she says to never give up on their dreams. The road ahead may be paved with challenges, but nothing worth it is ever easy.


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