Indian Director Gurdeep Singh’s Films are a Lesson in Skillful Cinematography

India’s film industry has experienced many breakthroughs in the past years as new talent continue to shine amidst the noise.  With some notable additions making a mark in the industry, as seen in the high-quality movies they create, breakthrough filmmaker Gurdeep Singh is undoubtedly one of them.

Gurdeep Singh  is an up-and-coming cinematographer and filmmaker whose talent has been making waves in the movie industry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking from Punjabi University’s Center for Advanced Media Studies and has produced and directed several music videos, commercials, and short films. 

Gurdeep Singh started his career as a filmmaker in India while still a science student. At first, he had no desire to make movies, but when the young man had to move into a dormitory near his school, he found himself watching several films every night to entertain himself. Then, after seeing the teaser for the sports-themed Punjabi film “Mel Krade Rabba,” he began to imagine the entire plot for a new story. It was at that time that he first considered a career in filmmaking.

The Indian film producer and director has stood out these past few years because of his dedication to growing his skill and the spectacular output that has come as a result. His work as an Executive Producer for Speed Records would birth 40 music video productions for some of the most promising artists in the country. 

Not long after his stint in Speed Records, Gurdeep received offers to work as a Director of Photography for several short films. Over the years, he built his portfolio, working on various projects and film productions. He played a significant role in the production of films like “Fenced” (2019), “A Family Barbecue” (2019), and “Paranormal Monster’s Society.” His work demonstrates his exceptional creative abilities in script writing and analysis. Furthermore, he is also an expert at modifying scripts for improved performance and collaborating with the cast to give life to a writer’s vision. 

Gurdeep has built an impressive filmology to win praise and recognition from top awarding bodies. Indeed, he would receive prestigious honors at the Crownwood International Festival for his work on “From the Barren State” and The Chef.” Gurdeep has established a reputation for having excellent interaction skills, allowing him to collaborate with the cast, crew, and others to ensure the film’s production goes well. His coworkers know of his strong interest in independent filmmaking and his extra skill as a director. 

The director is an expert in artistic and technical aspects, having studied modern camera techniques and video and audio editing tools. He hopes to make more meaningful films as he pursues a career in the film industry, following his sole goal to be a producer in Hollywood after being influenced by industry personalities such as Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, and Quentin Tarantino.

As he continues to work with more actors and crew members in the coming years, Gurdeep hopes to be a breath of fresh air to production and add value to significant productions. He enjoys bringing out the best in professionals he works with and envisions doing this for many more years. 


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