Iki Chic: The Union of Fashion, Culture, Boldness, and Women

Fashion is a slice of daily life, and it evolves with the seasons and events. Raiment can even foretell the arrival of a revolution. You can see and feel anything with clothes.

When it comes to fashion playing a role in revolutions, women’s apparel companies ensure that they celebrate and empower women through their styling. Iki Chic is one such brand that allows modern Indian ladies to express themselves through high-street fashion choices. Iki Chic is, without a doubt, a brand created by women, for women, and of women.

Additti Jain, the stunning Iki Chic creator, is a seasoned entrepreneur who has seen her fashion brand gain early success, but not without its share of ups and downs. The Pearl Academy alumnus and fashion designer par excellence had a moment of faith while reading the Japanese best seller Ikigai. Ikigai is the confluence of four key life components: passion, vocation, profession, and mission. This idea relates to having a direction or purpose in life that provides a sense of fulfilment and towards which the person can perform actions that proffer satisfaction and a sense of meaning. While reading the book, Additti reflected on what drives her heart. After some introspection, it provided her with the impetus she needed to launch her fashion destination, Iki Chic, which she called after the book, including the chic component into her creation.

With prints like floral, polka dots, tropical, chexes along with new age resort wear, bodycon dresses, shirts and blouses, jumpsuits and rompers, the options are endless, as are the trendy outfits. Iki Chic collaborates with prominent digital partners like Myntra, Amazon Prime, Flipkart and soon to be on boarded by Ajio and Nykaa Fashion to give exceptional customer care and competitive yet inexpensive prices, with client loyalty as their top goal.

One can acquire captivating looks from their website or various e-commerce platforms to get economical and quality rich clothing choices to fill their wardrobes with a unique collection. Iki Chic has a chance to emerge as a brand that girls and ladies will look forward to conveying their confidence with grace and a tiny boho touch while breaking barriers with flair.

When asked about Iki Chic’s success and glowing customer reviews, CEO Additti says, “In a short period, we are ecstatic to see the kind of customer response that we are getting. Although we were sceptical about the arrival of the pandemic when we had started, we were glad to see strong women of our nation welcoming Iki Chic wholeheartedly. Our team is ready to strive and thrive as we move ahead.”

We can all recognise boldness when we see it. Nothing makes us happier than seeing someone being completely themselves, with distinct flair and personality. Iki Chic is the brand that puts a smile on their 17k+ followers’ faces while keeping their customers happy and satisfied. If someone seeks the latest attire for women and the fashion for ladies? It’s time to begin shopping as they respond to Iki Chic’s remarkable trends. It is easy to find the products, the check-out is smooth, and Iki Chic sends the item to your doorstep. It’s as simple as it gets.


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