Igor Iemelianov, CEO of International E-commerce IT Development Company IT Delight, Names Popular Trends in Website Development for 2023

Igor Iemelianov
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IT Delight is a company leading the way in E-commerce development in Europe, Florida, and Ukraine. They are actively expanding into US and South American markets and have recently identified trends for successful online stores in 2023.

IT Delight’s CEO, Igor Iemelianov, notes that E-commerce retail sales brought in over 5.5 billion US dollars worldwide last year, and these figures are only set to increase. The company’s website is the lifeblood of an online store and must be fine-tuned to appeal to its customers. Among the main trends for E-commerce sites, Igor highlights adaptive site design, convenient navigation, enhanced security features, and AR/VR implementation.

Adaptive Website Design 

Adaptive website design refers to changing websites to fit mobile traffic, which is growing more and more common on the internet. Increasing numbers of people use their phones to shop and interact with brands. It has become much more convenient for the average person to purchase items on-the-go rather than in a physical location.

Statistics show that 79% of smartphone users make a purchase at least once every six months on their device, giving developers more than a sufficient reason to upgrade their sites. IT Delight, in partnership with a global giant – Adobe, has gained customer trust in Europe and the USA by applying the most advanced solutions in adaptive website design for all business types.

Convenient Navigation

With the overabundance of information flow facing possible customers, convenient navigation is essential.  If someone cannot orient themselves on a site within the first few seconds of visiting, their level of concentration depletes, and they will often leave the page. Such situations reduce the rate of sale, significantly affecting the company’s revenue. Therefore, a site’s navigation must be as user-friendly as possible. 

Research shows that people spend 80% of their browsing time on the left side of the website and only 20% on the right side. Web designers can use this information to their advantage. 

Enhanced Security

The primary concern in modern e-Commerce is ensuring the safety and security of customers’ personal information and financial transactions. Unfortunately, advancements in technology have led to an increase in cyber hacking and security breaches. So, it is a must for online stores to establish robust security systems. 

One way of doing this is by utilizing VPN technology which establishes a secure internet connection. Plus, implementing an SSL certificate can further enhance the protective measures of a website. 

AR/VR Integration

By leveraging AR/VR technology, shoppers can get an immersive shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes. Retailers can now create interactive and engaging experiences tailored to the individual. So customers can explore products in a more realistic way before they make a purchase, greatly reducing the risk of buyer’s remorse and increasing customer satisfaction. 

By combining elements of the physical and digital worlds, AR/VR integration has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for e-Commerce businesses. IT Delight is a certified partner of Magento and due to its open-source nature, any technology can be integrated into the website architecture. 

Wrapping Up 

Igor Iemelianov notes, “We combine our experience in web development with our knowledge of the latest e-Commerce trends. Our team strives to create stores with adaptive designs, convenient navigation, and appropriate security levels. Most importantly, we use advanced tools to produce solutions relevant in today’s rapidly changing market.”



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