Hussein AbuHassan’s Vision for Smarter Public Safety

Hussein AbuHassan's Vision for Smarter Public Safety

By: Nik Korba

LENX is on a mission to redefine the public safety landscape. Driven by the conviction that modern technology can provide the solutions needed to address the rise in public violence, LENX is developing innovations that dramatically improve the capability of existing public safety systems. Its platform leverages AI to streamline threat detection and response, fueling a movement toward a safer and more secure future.

“The world has become a perilous place, with disturbing public safety incidents occurring daily,” says Hussein AbuHassan, founder and president of LENX. “It’s no longer enough for security systems to provide a reactive response. We need systems that proactively protect our future. That’s what LENX brings to the public safety equation.”

Committed to making a difference

AbuHassan, who holds a degree from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has a long history of bringing innovations to the business world. He has assisted corporations around the world with developing platforms that streamline the exchange of sensitive information and has helped push the boundaries of mobile computing by developing robust m-commerce platforms.

AbuHassan’s vision for LENX, however, goes beyond improving the efficiency of digital technology. “I was recovering from a double lung transplant when I began to develop the vision that would eventually become the LENX platform,” he explains. “I knew I wanted to do something that would give back. My epiphany came during an emergency response call when the ambulance drivers sent to transport me attempted to give me a drug that can be life-threatening to transplant recipients. I was inspired to develop a system that would ensure emergency response teams have all the information they need to keep people safe.”

The project AbuHassan launched was focused on closing the communication gap that kept medical professionals in the dark when providing emergency care. It sought to automatically provide emergency responders with critical patient information, including medical background, current medications, and more.

“As I started bringing the project to life, I realized it had far more potential than I initially thought,” AbuHassan recalls. “It grew into a solution that supports life-saving communications when active shooters and other threats to public safety arise. Mobile communication technology allows the platform to automatically and dynamically share vital information with law enforcement, security personnel, and citizens in real time. Adding artificial intelligence capabilities to the platform allows it to enhance detection and reporting capabilities.” 

The number of school shootings occurring annually in the US has increased rapidly over the past decade, a statistic which — as a father — has AbuHassan particularly concerned. But it has also inspired him as a business leader to push forward with passion and conviction toward developing and deploying systems that enhance the safety of schools and other public spaces.

Strengthening conventional surveillance systems

The communication capabilities LENX brings to conventional surveillance systems address their primary weakness of being limited in reporting to a centralized monitoring station when an active threat is detected. The operator who receives the report must then process it, determine what information is critical, and pass it on to 9-1-1 or another centralized emergency response agency — resulting in a distilled version of the information reaching response teams.

By comparison, the LENX platform, true to AbuHassan’s vision, streamlines the entire reporting process by decentralizing how critical information is gathered and distributed. His vision has given way to a system that has the potential to save lives by drastically reducing response times.

“LENX leverages mobile communications technology to disseminate intelligence to countless handheld devices,” AbuHassan explains. “When a public safety incident is unfolding, funneling information to one person at a centralized facility, who then must process that information, is not only unacceptable but also creates a dangerous lag that can result in the loss of life.”

LENX enhances security by providing critical information to centralized agencies while also sending it through a controlled communications chain to all who need it, including law enforcement, security personnel, school staff, students, and citizens who could be affected.

“LENX changes the game by taking citizens, who are the  vulnerable players when a public safety threat arises, off of the sidelines,” AbuHassan says. “It provides the power to communicate directly with citizens in an empowering way.”

Adding automated threat detection capabilities

Investments in surveillance by both private and public organizations have resulted in a network that utilizes an estimated 85 million cameras nationwide. Unfortunately, the systems those cameras support are primarily reactive. While they can capture footage that can be used after a threat has passed, they don’t provide an optimal tool for detecting threats as they unfold.

LENX transforms those systems by leveraging artificial intelligence to empower a proactive response. The powerful algorithms utilized by LENX continuously monitor video feeds to identify weapons and other threats as they appear in real time. When a threat is detected, a notification process is launched that provides real-time and dynamic communication to appropriate parties.

“For the first time in the history of our nationwide surveillance infrastructure, public safety systems can finally provide real-time intelligence gathering and sharing,” AbuHassan explains. “Human capability could never provide the entirety of monitoring needed to ensure safety. AI fills the gap and dramatically improves the effectiveness of the system.”

The global security community is struggling to find solutions that can deliver the enhanced protection today’s threat landscape demands. LENX provides those solutions. Through cutting-edge technology and a commitment to safeguarding public safety, AbuHassan and his team have developed tools that ensure threats are detected and reported proactively to empower emergency responses when the unthinkable becomes all too real.

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