How Trenia Johnson-Norford and Connectricity Have Influenced the Online Dating Scene for Almost a Decade

The dating scene isn’t what it used to be, as people have raised their standards to find their perfect life partner. As a result, serendipitous meetings can rarely come these days, and many find themselves to be down on their luck. However, online platforms and matchmaking experts have provided people with a better alternative to find their special person. Trenia Norford is a matchmaking professional whose passion developed into the brand, Connectricity.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Trenia Norford has always been a hopeless romantic. Whether it was for herself or her friends, she always found a way to set up with people. “From my first college internship with talk shows to my career as a professional matchmaker, helping people find their own way to happiness has been my passion,” shared Trenia. 

Before becoming a professional matchmaker, Trenia started her career in publishing, serving as a production manager for magazines like Fortune and Women’s Wear Daily. She eventually shifted her career to marketing and sales, where she thrived and moved up the ranks in the banking industry. By 2009, Trenia would be blessed to marry her best friend of ten years. A year later, they relocated to the city of wind. In 2012, she would have a baby and opted to stay at home to be a mother, leaving her career in corporate America. At the same time, she would make her first steps towards matchmaking professionally. 

Trenia had a knack for using her social and professional connections to bring people together throughout her career. While it was initially a hobby, she would eventually use her expertise and intuition to become a professional matchmaker, creating a matchmaking firm called Connectricity.

Since the inception of her firm in 2012, Trenia and Connectricity have been instrumental in pairing singles and helping them enjoy the dating process, achieving the results they desire in a short time. The matchmaker primarily lends its help to professional singles, giving them an alternative to online dating. Most of Trenia’s clients have been in their 30s and 40s, but she has also helped people in their 20s and even helped people as old as 65 find the right partners. Additionally, while most of her clients have been straight, Trenia has also played a hand in matchmaking LGBTQ+ singles.

Expanding her services beyond Chicago, Trenia Norford and Connectricity have made a national database of singles from nearly every part of the United States to recommend their clients. When taking on clients, the professional matchmaker takes the unconventional practice of withholding their prospective partner’s photos. Trenia believes that photos aren’t the standard for compatibility and chemistry and insists that they go on a date to decide for themselves. Once they’ve gone out, she sits with her client to see how it went. Based on their feedback and desire to go on a second date, she facilitates the exchange of contact information.

“I’m a highly emotional person,” Trenia confessed. “I love love, and always have, so bringing people together and helping them find a partner satisfies me and makes me feel happy and pleased.”Learn more about Trenia Norford and Connectricity by visiting her official website. You can also connect with her through Facebook and Instagram.


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