How to Make Garage Door Repair Cheaper

Garage door repairs are inevitable. One moment, your garage door may be working perfectly, and the next day, it may become a bit faulty or shaky. Sometimes, it may stop working altogether. 

It is inadvisable to hold off the garage door repair or inspection. After all, how will your vehicles get out, or how will you secure whatever is in the garage when the door can’t be opened or was left open because of the broken door?

The cost of the garage door repairs, however, may cause you to postpone the repair. Instead, you think of ways to cut the costs of the possible repairs. But is there really a way to make garage door repair cheaper?

What to Consider During Garage Door Repair

The kind of repair you will need for your garage door will depend on what’s causing it not to work properly or the extent of the damage. Here are some of the common garage door repairs.

Broken cable

Cables play an important role in the entire garage door system. The garage door cables are workhorses, pulling the entire weight of the doors by relying on the tension coming from the spring. However, like all workhorses, the garage door cables will experience the usual wear and tear. 

When you notice that your garage door no longer seems to be hanging straight or getting stuck halfway, you may need to have the broken cable checked and repaired or replaced.

Track repair

The garage door will not open and close properly and safely when the tracks of the garage door are either bent or broken. You will need to have the track repaired.

The repair can either involve some minor adjustments of the tracks or a complete replacement of the door track.

Broken spring

Broken springs are one of the most common sources of damage or cause of garage door repair. 

Repeated use will cause wear and tear on the garage door springs, and eventually, they will break. When the spring breaks, you must replace it immediately as using the garage door with faulty, broken springs is inadvisable.

Door panel replacement

When the door is accidentally hit or is constantly hit, then the door panel may sustain damage. 

You will then need a replacement for the damaged door panel and other hardware that needs to be replaced.

Alignment of safety sensor

When you have an automatic garage door, you’ll also need to pay attention to its sensors. 

These sensors can stop operating properly when goods or people obstruct their line of view. They may then become misaligned.

To Replace or To Repair?

Aside from knowing what kind of repair you’ll need, you must also figure out whether to replace or repair the part or the garage door system. 

Repairing the garage door component may be cheaper, but some parts need complete replacement. You’ll have to consider these factors:

  • The extent of damage – Sometimes, the garage door or its specific component has sustained so much damage that replacing that component or its complexity would be cheaper than repairing it. For example, the door track may have a large bent or dent, so replacing it may be a more affordable option than repairing it.
  • Age – Consider the age of your garage door. If it is 10 to 15 years old, it might be better to replace it altogether. 
  • Frequency of repairs – If you have been repairing parts of the garage door or the door system, consider replacing them. It might be cheaper to replace the entire door or the part in the long run than to keep repairing it always.
  • Safety – Constant repairs or the lack of updated safety features like automatic sensors could risk your or your family’s safety. Consider replacing the door completely for everybody’s safety and peace of mind.

DIY or Professional Help?

You may consider doing the repairs yourself as it might be more cost-effective. After all, doing the repairs on your own may save you professional fees since you will only need to shell out for the part replacement and tools if you still do not have them.

However, garage door repair is quite technical. Determining the source of the faulty garage door will require some experience and technical knowledge. Without experience, how would you diagnose what’s ailing your garage door?

Then, there is the skill to consider. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you capable of taking out a broken cable or spring? 
  • Do you have the manpower to replace these parts, as several individuals will need to take out the door for the part replacement? 
  • Do you know which tools and how to use them? 

The More Cost-Effective Option

Doing the repairs yourself will save you from paying the professionals’ fees. But unless you’ve done garage door repairs many times, you may end up spending more. 

So many things can go wrong when you do the repairs without any experience. 

You may be mistaken in determining the source of the damage to the garage door, or you can incorrectly replace the parts, putting yourself, your possessions, and the people you love in danger. 

In the end, professional garage door repair is the most cost-effective solution to your garage door woes.


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