How to Excel in Managing teams: Insights from Dmitry Bukhensky, Project Manager

How to Excel in Managing teams: Insights from Dmitry Bukhensky, Project Manager
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In the dynamic realm of project management, staying ahead of trends and continuously adapting to new challenges is essential. Dmitry Bukhensky, a seasoned Project Manager, shares his thoughts on the industry and offers valuable advice for those aspiring to thrive in this field.

Embracing Technological Trends and The Role of AI in Project Management

Diving into the realm of technological trends, Dmitry provides insightful perspectives on the evolving landscape of project management and the integration of AI. In response to the growing concern about AI replacing Project Managers, Dmitry underscores the multifaceted nature of their role. Project Managers, he asserts, navigate diverse tasks and unique challenges, rendering their contributions irreplaceable. The increasing threshold for entering the PM role reflects a rising demand for highly competent specialists, acknowledging the indispensable human touch in managing complex projects.

Furthermore, Dmitry’s enthusiasm extends beyond project management, encompassing the broader spectrum of technological evolution. Expressing anticipation for the total digitalization of the world through the Internet of Things (IoT), he dreams of sneakers that count his steps—a seemingly trivial yet intriguing concept. In his words, “I love exploring new gadgets and tech innovations,” emphasizing the curiosity that propels him to embrace the cutting edge.

Career Progression in Project Management

“From a couple of months to two years for Junior PM, two years to two and a half for Middle PM, and around five years for Senior PM, the journey depends on various factors,” Dmitry encourages individuals to change workplaces when they feel they’ve outgrown their current position and not to fear interviews, as interview skills can be developed through preparation and practice. Some things that might help for those aspiring to become successful Project Managers, in Dmitry’s experience:

Seeking environments where you can continually learn and grow.

Developing interviewing skills.

Investing in Certifications like PMP, PSM, PMI-ACP.

Embracing Mistakes – they are part of the learning process; the key is not repeating them.

Making decisions, even difficult ones, as it contributes to your experience and credibility.

Underpromise, Overdeliver – a simple yet powerful principle for success.

The Power of Collaboration in Project Management

Collaboration, Dmitry emphasizes, lies at the heart of effective project management. As projects become complex, the ability to foster teamwork and synergy among diverse team members becomes crucial. He advocates for creating an inclusive environment where ideas flow freely, and each team member feels valued. Dmitry believes that a collaborative approach not only enhances project outcomes but also cultivates a positive and dynamic work culture.

Navigating Project Management Challenges

According to Dmitry, successful Project Managers are those who can handle problems with determination and grace. He encourages new Project Managers to see challenges as chances to learn and get better at their jobs as he believes that being able to adapt and keep going when things get tough is a sign of a really good Project Manager.

The Perfect Project Manager

To Dmitry, the perfect Project Manager is a strategist, tactician, and performer. This individual knows when to switch between these roles and acts professionally in each. Dmitry’s top five essential skills for PM’s are:

Courage: Don’t fear saying “no” and asking uncomfortable questions.

Perseverance: Understand issues thoroughly, communicate with all involved parties, and ask questions.

Responsibility: Be ready to take responsibility and complete tasks with the required quality.

Communication: Be a strong negotiator and end communications with constructive outcomes.

Continuous Learning: Develop existing skills, acquire new ones, and adapt to industry changes.

Dmitry Bukhensky’s wealth of experience and thoughtful insights serve as a guide for both aspiring and practicing Project Managers in navigating the challenges and opportunities within the ever-evolving landscape of project management.


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