How the Power of Perseverance Led to Success for Lavour “Boomman” Sanders

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Life has a way of taking even the most well-laid plans and turning them upside down. Countless people have spent time, energy, and money to make their dreams a reality, only to hit a fork in the road and have to reevaluate everything they worked so hard for.

While these journeys can be harrowing, they also teach us a lot about ourselves and our potential. Nothing that comes easy in life is worth having, or so they say. Someone who can not only attest to the truth of that statement but has also found greater success after having to work even harder for it, is Lavour Sanders, known by most as Boomman.

A Change of Plans

Sanders has always had a lifelong passion for music, but his journey to the top wasn’t smooth or easy. His introduction to the music industry was while he was still in high school, as a founding member of a gospel rap trio.

After high school, while he was attending Morris Brown College, Sanders met producer K-Rab and they became fast friends, purchasing studio equipment with the goal of opening a record label together. Unfortunately, due to the HBCU losing its accreditation, the school was also facing financial difficulties, and Sanders was faced with a tough decision.

Trusting his gut, he took a risk and decided to enlist in the military, hoping he would earn the money he needed to fund the record label he and his friends had been working so hard to create. While stationed in Iraq, he learned that his friend K-Rab had produced a hit song, charting on the Billboard Hot 100 in the number one spot and breaking the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded song in the history of music.

This inspired him and made him even more confident and excited for the future, but even though he returned home from active duty with the money he joined for, things didn’t work out how he had planned.

Instead of starting a record label, Sanders was a disabled veteran and became a stay-at-home father. He felt powerless, but he was hopeful that he could turn it around and reach the level of success he knew he had the potential for.

Becoming Boomman

At this point he got into sales, selling jewelry, cars, shoes, or anything he could, which is where the name Boomman was first given to him by his customers, as he “always had something booming.” Finding success in sales was just a stepping stone for Boomman, and he continued on his journey to better things, opening his own store and eventually becoming the biggest club promoter in his area.

Those early losses and lessons proved to be invaluable, and he became a force to be reckoned with, signing big names and even rapping on his own, catching the attention of a major record label. In 2011, Boomman made his first million. The following year, still working as an artist, he collaborated with Future, 2 Chainz, Gucci, Waka Flocka, Yo Gotti, K Camp, Rocko, and more. His exponentially growing fanbase demanded a national and international tour, however, his movement was short-lived due to the loss of his mother.

Boomman then decided to stay behind the scenes and put his money as well as his muscle behind groups such as A1 Supergroup and Charlie Boy Gang. Being instrumental in supporting talent and their art form has since become the foundation on which he established his professional reputation. His foresight in discovering and signing artists and producers has played a significant role in nearly 100 million records being sold and streamed.

He has contributed well over two decades of musical excellence as an artist, manager, and label executive, earning a number of accolades along the way. Boomman built his empire on his astute business acumen as well as his innate ability to identify and nurture talent. Relevant in both entertainment and economics, there is no doubt that he has been a pivotal force in the creative development and growth of southern hip-hop, and his impact on pop culture as an independent entity is undeniable.

What to Expect From Him Next

The self-proclaimed “Independent King” continues to be an innovative agent for change in the industry through his various ventures, including his distribution company Muzik Junky and his service-based Authentic Empire. Boomman has generated millions of dollars of income for himself and others, serving approximately 3,000 artists worldwide and distributing over 7,000 songs independently through his catalog.

He has created platforms such as the Indie King Showcase as well as a music festival and conference for talented artists to be seen, heard, and get educated on the business. He is the definition of self-made, and his remarkable track record of knowing how to strategically break, finance, and promote entertainers has made him a household name.

He is a natural-born leader who never stops pushing boundaries and reaching higher, which is precisely what he is doing with his next ventures. After being known for years as Boomman, he is rebranding himself and moving more towards entrepreneurship, building his empire and stepping into who he is underneath it all—Lavour Sanders.

He has a masterclass called A Million in 90 Days, where he teaches artists and entrepreneurs how to acquire funds strategically to a business or break into the music space. In addition to his educational masterclass, Sanders is also releasing a book called Independent King, all about his life and journey in the music industry.

Sanders has faced a number of setbacks in life but his continued faith in himself has led him to great success. After years in the industry, he has gained a lot and also has a lot to give back, something he looks forward to doing in both his masterclass and his book.


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