How Smoking Ruins Dates and Ways to Combat the Issue

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There’s no denying that the number of people smoking cigarettes in the United States is decreasing. 68% fewer people are smoking now than in 1965; back then, 42.4% of the population lit up regularly. Now, that number is down to just 13.7% and since 2013, confirms numbers have fallen 23%. There are still smokers out there, but the health implications are putting them off, restrictions on where they can spark up contribute and possibly, how it affects their love life is also a factor.

 That’s right; smoking can seriously impact your ability to attract a potential partner. Psychology Today reveals that both men and women generally find cigarette smokers less appealing than those who do not have the habit – that means lighting up on a date could be a serious problem. Of course, it depends if your date is a smoker as well; you’re more likely to get one with someone who has a shared habit, and there will be instances of couples meeting in the smoking area of a bar and hitting it off, but those stories will be in the minority.

 Generally, the antisocial aspects of smoking make dates between a smoker and a non-smoker challenging. On a first date, there’s little appeal in your prospective partner heading outside to light up a cigarette every half hour, leaving you on your own; there’s no wonder smoking causes a problem with dating. Also, smoking creates a nasty odor that gets into your clothes and on your breath; that is counterproductive when you’ve spent hours getting ready, only to let a cigarette undo all your good work within minutes.

 Much of the problem is rooted in societal interpretations of smoking. Once upon a time, smoking was seen as quite cool, the habit of the anti-hero in blockbuster films, but perceptions have changed. Smoking is now something of a taboo habit, banished from the tables of your local restaurant and forced into the shadows outside. That perception is now societal; it’s a dirty habit rather than something to find attractive.

What Can Smokers Do On a Date?

 There are options for smokers who wish to go on a date and hide their habit. After all, it might not be worth giving up for a single date, but if you meet the one, then perhaps a more permanent solution could be found. However, these are likely to be the most popular options for a single date.

 Nicotine Gum

 One option is to chew nicotine gum, which will help reduce cravings for a cigarette. Gum works as a nicotine replacement therapy or NRT. Instead of needing to nip out for a cigarette, the gum should satisfy your cravings and allow you to focus on the date. There are drawbacks; you’d be chewing, which may be just as antisocial, and it could be problematic if you’re in a restaurant. They come in different flavors, which can be enjoyable, and chewing gum is less antisocial than heading out for a cigarette.

 Nicotine Patches

 Nicotine patches work like a band-aid. They stick to your skin and slowly release nicotine into your body, again cutting out the need for a cigarette. They were hugely popular as an NRT, but perhaps today, a little less so due to them being too conspicuous. Patches are often visible, so no short-sleeved shirt to show how you’ve been working out, and they can leave a wearer feeling self-conscious. There are opaque patches on the market now that alleviate some of the issues of old, and thanks to an advertising campaign, nicotine patches by 2baconil are experiencing a resurgence.

 Nicotine Pouches

 Nicotine pouches are another popular form of NRT, and they’re less conspicuous than patches as they are placed in your mouth rather than on the outside of your body. They work in much the same way, releasing nicotine slowly, and they come in a wide range of flavors, including coffee and mint. They also come in different strengths, as demonstrated by the range of nicotine pouches on Prilla, which means that a heavy smoker can tailor their requirements to satisfy heavier cravings. They’re also discreet, meaning your date won’t know you’re a smoker unless you choose to disclose that information.


 The final choice is simple, but perhaps the hardest; just don’t smoke. Get your perfume or cologne on, iron your clothes, brighten your smile and get through the evening without a cigarette. Only do this if you know you won’t become irritable or distracted; otherwise, you’ll ruin the date by not smoking, just as you might have done by smoking!


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