How Sammie Jabado Plans to Make Social Media Safe Again Through His Platform, Go Go Go.World

How Sammie Jabado Plans to Make Social Media Safe Again Through His Platform, Go Go Go.World
Photo Courtesy: Sammie Jabado

By: Joshua Finley

Sammie Jabado, a seasoned professional with experience working for companies such as American Express and Expedia, has always had a desire to utilize technology for positive change. Sammie’s journey culminated in the founding of, a global online platform aimed at reshaping society politically, economically, and socially in its entirety for the time in human history!!

Thoughts on Social Media Ethics

The genesis of can be traced back to Sammie’s disgust with the current, harmful state of social media. He observed the detrimental effects of platforms like Facebook and Instagram on society, citing issues such as divisive content and unrealistic beauty standards. “Social media started out okay, but now it is tearing apart our society,” he says. “It’s poisoning our kids’ minds.” Recognizing the urgent need for change, Sammie set out to create a platform that prioritized positivity and authenticity. “Social media is designed to keep us hooked, to maximize our time spent on their platforms,” he says. “In doing so, they prioritize engagement metrics over the well-being of users.”

This issue doesn’t stop with just social media — in Sammie’s opinion, many companies have failed to uphold ethical standards and address the negative consequences of their platforms, such as online harassment and the spread of misinformation. “There needs to be greater accountability in the tech industry,” he shares. “Companies shouldn’t just be focused on profits; they need to consider their impact on society.” He highlights the importance of holding corporations accountable for their actions and emphasizes the need for greater transparency and regulation in the tech industry. “We need to hold companies to a higher standard,” he states. 

Making a Difference and Driving Societal Change is a multifaceted global platform designed to promote career advancement, life path exploration, and foster positivity. Unfortunately, social media giants have veered off course, but Go Go Go emerges as a solution to the problems plaguing these platforms, seeking to provide a safe and secure environment where users can connect, share, and uplift each other without the toxic influences that have become all too common on other platforms.

Central to Go Go Go’s mission is its commitment to addressing societal issues head-on. Through innovative approaches like its travel booking environment, the platform aims to tackle homelessness by providing temporary housing for individuals in need. “We WILL get all the homeless around the world, off the streets and into hotels for 30 days so they could know where they ill be sleep and resting their minds, know  where they will eat,” Sammie says. By utilizing the commissions generated from its travel platform, Go Go Go plans to fund initiatives to house and support the homeless all around the world. This approach not only provides immediate relief but also empowers individuals to rebuild their lives with dignity and security.

How Sammie Jabado Plans to Make Social Media Safe Again Through His Platform, Go Go Go.World
Photo Courtesy: Go Go Go.World

Multi-Faceted Pillars of Change

Sammie’s mission with Go Go Go  revolves around three key pillars:

Safety in Social Media

Sammie aims to create a safe and secure online environment, free from the toxicity and misinformation prevalent on mainstream platforms. He is also hopeful to create a space where users are not targeted by marketing campaigns. By prioritizing authenticity and accountability, Go Go Go  fosters meaningful connections and positive interactions.

Empowering the Homeless

Through innovative use of travel booking commissions,  seeks to address homelessness on a global scale. As touched on above, they are dedicated to providing temporary housing and support services, empowering individuals to transition out of homelessness and reintegrate into society.

Financial Innovation

While the world rushes to a digitized economy, Jabado hopes to provide stability in safety. By combining his experience with financial institutions like American Express, he hopes to build a platform that combines security and stability with cutting-edge technology that enables bridging the gap between traditional banking with society’s push to a fully digital economy

and Much Much More!!!

How Sammie Jabado Plans to Make Social Media Safe Again Through His Platform, Go Go Go.World
Photo Courtesy: Go Go Go.World

Get Involved in Promoting Change

Sammie Jabado’s passion for change drove him to make the transition from corporate executive to social entrepreneur. Through Go Go Go, he seeks to harness the potential of technology to create positive social change. With a focus on safety, empowerment, and financial innovation, Sammie Jabado is leading the charge toward a brighter, safer future, for every single human being around the world!

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