How Safewave Technology Is Revolutionizing Safety and Security for the Deaf(+) Community Within Their Homes

Security systems are essential for homes and offices, but the mechanisms always rely on sound and visual cues. Although it has been greatly helpful in emergencies, Trevon Bruch and Jared Gabbard wondered how security systems affected individuals who are Deaf(+) and found that the market had nothing to help them. So they developed a solution that could benefit people with hearing problems, creating Safewave.

Safewave is an accessory for smart security systems that takes the traditional system and adds a new form of alerting individuals with a sense of touch via vibrations. A band worn around the wrist like a watch, the Safewave alerts people with strong vibrations to wake them up from REM sleep. 

“We have placed three motors adjacent to the ulnar and median nerve, giving our band enough vibration power to wake individuals from a REM sleep,” said founder Trevon Bruch. “The benefit is that those who are Deaf(+) rely on visual cues, but if they’re sleeping, then they’re left vulnerable to break-ins and house fires. We want to provide safety and peace of mind for this demographic that is long overdue.”

While Safewave primarily caters to the Deaf(+) community, the brand also helps caretaking individuals monitor loved ones with dementia/Alzheimer’s, special needs, and more. The band allows monitoring without directly using vision or sound. Instead, individuals can be kept inside the home and receive notifications instantly if a breach occurs.

The company is in one of the most unique positions in the market as they are pioneering this new innovation. “We are the only vibration-based accessory that is mobile,” revealed Trevon. “The only other vibration-based accessory is a bed shaker, which is limited to the bed and isn’t mobile. We have created a device that goes where you go and is convenient.”

Safewave is more than just a safety device and addresses other concerns like water resistance and charging abilities. In addition, the brand did not reinvent the wheel and instead added a ticker that complimented other successful companies in the industry, including Ring, SimpliSafe, Owlet, ADT, and more. Safewave also partners with major companies, giving them a competitive advantage using other mainstream and common systems to market and expand quickly.

Founder Trevon Bruch’s inspiration to create the brand occurred when a fire alarm awakened him despite no threats around. The event made him ponder the Deaf(+) community’s situation. He reached out to co-founder Jared Gabbard who found that the market had nothing to provide the community. Together, they collaborated to bring their concept to life, working with the Small Business Development department of Northern Kentucky Universities, which sent their ideas to the TCU Values and Ventures Pitch Competition. By 2019, Safewave Technology became an official brand.

Three years down the line, Safewave remains the only company in the space with a significant impact on the Deaf(+) community’s home and office security space. Trevon Bruch hopes that the brand will influence other companies to begin marketing and creating solutions for overlooked and underserved communities.

“I want to be back in my community, building the ecosystem through social capital and experiences,” shared Trevon. “I want to build Safewave up and then move to another project that can make the world an even better place.”


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