How QT Coupons Is Changing Lives Through Her Expert Couponing Ways

For 32-year-old Tiana Thomas, Wife & Mother of 4, better known as QT Coupons, couponing is not just a skill but a way of life. Couponing has been within her family for as long as she can remember, beginning with her grandmother. Observing the people in her life shopping smarter by using coupons embedded the value of saving in her mind early on. Realizing how everyone needs to learn how to make the most out of coupons, the expert committed to teaching people through social media and imparting tips and tricks that would prevent them from spending more than what’s truly needed.

QT Coupons is from Los Angeles, CA, and she has made it her lifelong mission to teach everyone to get more items while spending less. The expert shared that she always refuses to pay full price for her shopping items. Unless their prices are extremely low or they’re free, they won’t stand a chance of getting in her cart. “Who likes paying full price? I sure don’t,” she said.

QT Coupons grew up watching her grandmother clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper every week, spending hours on end getting the best deals from her weekly inserts. As a child, she did not fully understand why her grandmother would be patient enough to clip each coupon just to save a buck, but she shared that they never ran out of toilet paper or laundry soap in their household growing up. Her grandmother was committed to saving every single penny she could and was determined to ensure that her family was always well-provided.

Even though she grew up seeing her grandmother and her penny-saving ways, QT Coupons shared that she never truly got immersed into the couponing lifestyle until 2018 when she saw a social media post published by her friend who was talking about how she got baskets full of items for a really cheap price. Immediately, QT Coupons reached out to her friend, but unfortunately, she did not get the reception she was expecting.

Frustrated, QT Coupons decided to do the research herself and learn about the ins and outs of couponing from various reliable sources. Soon enough, feeling as though she was learning from her grandmother all over again, the expert’s passion for couponing grew deeper.

“I started couponing in 2018 and never looked back since,” QT Coupons shared. She said that it was challenging at the beginning as she did not have a clue where to begin, but as time went by, she was landing deals that saved her a lot. “Initially, I thought it was just something I would do just to save a few bucks from time to time. I mean, I was always trying to get a deal here and there because, by nature, I am super cheap when it comes to shopping, but couponing is saving on an entirely different level. Now three years later, I am super passionate about saving and, most importantly, helping others,” she added.

Couponing has given QT Coupons to become a platform for change. Since she started posting her couponing journey, saving secrets, and shopping tips, QT Coupons has grown her social media following to over 45,900 followers. The coupon queen feels overwhelmed with happiness every time she receives stories from her followers narrating how they saved thousands or even hundreds on their shopping trips.

Aiming to reach more people, QT Coupons authored an ebook called Being a QT Couponer, a beginner’s guide to couponing. The ebook aims to teach everyone about the ways of couponing in its most simple formula. Furthermore, QT Coupons is the owner of Gold Star Tax Service LLC, located in California. The company helps individuals save as much as they can on taxes ethically and efficiently.

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