How Mompreneur Capital Raises a Collective of Driven and Success-Hungry Female Entrepreneurs

Over the years, women have indeed risen to the occasion and taken more business roles than they have in the past. Many are even making their way through as entrepreneurs, building their own brands from point zero. Still, women are plagued with prejudice and are sometimes hindered from achieving their entrepreneurial potential, especially if they are already mothers. Hence, Mompreneur Capital has made it a mission to enable women to become financially independent through entrepreneurship by equipping them with the right tools and support. 

Mompreneur Capital was built for women who are hungry for success and are determined to build something of their own. The company’s goal is to uplift and help women gain financial independence and be able to support themselves and their families even when they’re just at home. The digital landscape has provided people with different opportunities, many of which did not exist before, and Mompreneur Capital wants to help women find their niche in the online world. 

Mompreneur Capital believes that women are capable of getting more out of life through entrepreneurship. The company aims for every woman under its umbrella to be fulfilled, joyful, and thriving.

“Mompreneur Capital is giving rise to a new and fierce collective of women who are ready to flip the status quo and live the lives they always dreamed they would,” the company stated, “Fuelled by impactful events, resources, and connections for all women, we are standing together, and our strength as a community of smart, capable, and powerful women is truly unstoppable.”

More than a business, Mompreneur Capital regards itself as a revolution, rallying women from all walks of life to join the movement and be empowered. Founded by the ultimate mompreneur Shakera Freeman, the company paves the way for women to claim their place across multiple industries. Shakera has been instrumental in helping countless women find the spark and passion they needed to believe that they are capable of building a brand of their own from the ground up.

“Personally, I know what it’s like to wake up and go to a dead-end job. I’ve been self-employed for almost four years and counting. I own and operate three different businesses. I understand the importance of having multiple streams of income; it’s a necessity. Truth be told, it hasn’t been easy. However, I’d found a way to make a six-figure income while still being a wife and a mother of six,” Shakera shared. 

Mompreneur Capital offers aspiring female entrepreneurs with eBooks written by the CEO to enlighten them about financial freedom and teach them how to generate multiple streams of income from digital services. Through her resource materials, Shakera amplifies that the possibilities are endless for women, especially in modern times. With the right tools and guidance, women can truly run the world. 

Asked where she sees Mompreneur Capital in five years, Shakera shared that instead of setting goals that far ahead into the future, one should learn to establish daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals instead. “The way the world is turning since the pandemic, it’s hard to plan the next five years. Tomorrow isn’t promised, and I need to enjoy everything while I am here on earth.”Learn more about Mompreneur Capital on its website.


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