How Jason Koonce Turned His Card-Collecting Hobby Into a Massive Industry

For some people, the hobby of collecting things can be a waste of time and space. However, while others eventually abandon the hobby, some people carry on and eventually turn it into a business. Jason Koonce is an individual who has collected sports cards since adolescence and has turned his collection into a money-making opportunity. His decision allowed him to build a career and eventually led to his job as an agent for athletes for public and private autograph signings and appearances.

Like many young boys, Jason bought and traded sports cards at an early age. Initially, his collection was more of a hobby, but as he grew older, Jason saw its potential to generate money. Rather than throwing his collection out or shelving them, he decided to hold on to his collection. Jason would get the opportunity to deck out his cards when he discovered sports card shows. 

“I quickly developed buying and selling cards as a side hustle, which eventually turned into a business,” Jason revealed. As he entered his late teens, Jason Koonce started to become more profitable, allowing him to rub elbows with some of the top agents and athletes in the industry. The collections allowed him to expand his business further and conduct public and private signings with athletes. However, the industry started to evolve, prompting Jason to evolve as well.

Early in his career, Jason would conduct business by visiting the post office daily after school, sending the exact change in the mail for cards and hoping he doesn’t get scammed. However, as the business landscape has taken to an online platform, he has been generating six and seven-figure deals weekly. Additionally, Jason has been expanding his social media presence, educating collectors to help them use cards as an investment opportunity.

It has been three decades since Jason Koonce started his business. He has built hundreds of relationships and amassed enough experience to make him the go-to guy for many things from rare cards, specific memorabilia pieces, or a connection to a celebrity or athlete. “I always know where and how to acquire it and who to talk to track it down,” Jason explained proudly. Since then, he has worked with thousands of clients. Meeting with different people from all walks of life, Jason believes that his success would not have occurred without them, even the negative experiences.

Jason attributes his success to his mother’s example. Having grown up extremely poor and watching his single mother juggle two jobs to raise him and his sister, Jason developed a hard-working ethic. His character was a strong component, driving him to work hard and eventually start OTIA Sports to formalize the industry presence he had already established.

With how drastically the industry has changed in the last five years, Jason Koonce is enthusiastic about the outcome of the future. “I would love to see the number of collectors keep growing,” he shared, “I think we will see millions of people from all over the world start to invest their money in sports cards over the stock market.” Learn more about Jason Koonce by visiting his official website.

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