How Iris Bincovich is Driving the CBD-Pharma Revolution

Iris Bincovich
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Warren Buffett, arguably the most successful investor the world has ever seen, has time and again highlighted the importance of picking the right managers to run a public company. His teachings, writings, and the stellar performance of Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio in the last 5 decades reveal that investing in companies that are run by high-quality managers has always been a feature of the Oracle of Omaha’s strategy. Although many young companies may struggle to find high-quality, competent managers to run their businesses, Israeli biotech firm Innocan Pharma seems to have found the best fit for both the company and its investors in Iris Bincovich, an industry veteran with an impressive career spanning over two decades.

Iris Bincovich currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Innocan Pharma, anear  clinical-stage biotech company developing a CBD-loaded Liposome Platform technology. Before assuming her duties at Innocan Pharma, she led the sales team of Kamedis, an Israel-based skincare company, as the VP of global marketing and sales. Having completed several stints in leadership roles in biotech companies including Tagra Biotechnologies, she brings a wealth of experience and insights from a deep understanding of the industry dynamics. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and a degree in International Marketing and Business Development from Los Angeles Valley College, California.

Innocan Pharma has secured deals with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Tel Aviv University to fund its CBD-loaded liposomes project and CBD-loaded exosomes project, respectively. These partnerships have opened the doors for the company to attract high-quality talent in the field of biotechnology and strengthened its appeal as a well-funded early-stage biotech company. Iris Bincovich, as the CEO of Innocan, has continued to maintain a healthy relationship with both these funding partners, which has been key to the company’s recent success.

Under Iris Bincovich’s leadership, Innocan Pharma has come a long way toward commercializing its groundbreaking CBD products. For instance, the company signed a consulting agreement with Benitz Consulting last December to assist with the commercialization of its Intellectual Property in the veterinary field. Commenting on this promising step forward, Iris said that IP commercialization in the veterinary field will clear the pathway for Innocan to commercialize its IP for human pharma products as well. In August 2022, Innocan achieved a major milestone in reaching nearly 100% bioavailability of CBD using its LPT technology in a dog compared to around 6%-20% in humans when administered orally. Iris Bincovich, capitalizing on this breakthrough development, aggressively ventured into the veterinary industry, and this decision has accelerated the commercialization plans of Innocan Pharma.

Revolutionizing any business sector is easier said than done. The pharmaceutical industry, in particular, is difficult to disrupt. Empirical evidence suggests that leaders of young pharma companies need to have expertise not just in their relevant field but also in the strategic marketing process. Iris Bincovich, with her decades of experience in the healthcare industry, is driving the CBD-Pharma revolution today with Innocan Pharma continuing to reach new milestones. Partnering with the right funding partners, attracting the right talent, and identifying new opportunities in the veterinary field are some of the most noteworthy executions of Bincovich at the helm of Innocan Pharma. The company, under her leadership, looks well-positioned to transform the exosome therapeutics industry in the coming years.


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