How Ecommerce Marketing Agency Became A Leader In Automation

Ecommerce Marketing Agency is a leading digital marketing agency in Miami, FL that specializes in building automated Done For You ecommerce stores along with digital and social media marketing solutions. EMA was founded by Steven Ridzyowski, an American entrepreneur who has almost a decade of experience in building, scaling, and marketing online businesses. About four years ago Steven had the idea of building a marketing agency that specializes in ecommerce and he created EMA. In 2020 Steven partnered with Brian Kim, the COO, to advance the growth of the company. Since then EMA has proven themselves to be a top name in ecommerce automation.

Ecommerce Automation 

Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world now and many people are trying to take part in it. EMA was founded with the vision of making financial freedom accessible for any well capitalized client who is looking to build passive income. The ecommerce stores that EMA builds for clients are a hassle free experience from start to finish. Even if a client has absolutely no experience with ecommerce, EMA handles the creation, analysis, and operation of every store they build. As more unique ecommerce platforms gain popularity, EMA has been expanding the number of platforms they service to match that expansion. EMA now builds and scales ecommerce stores on Walmart, Facebook, Ebay, and Amazon so clients can choose whichever major platform aligns best with them. Thanks to cutting edge automation and a hardworking team, EMA is able to consistently deliver high quality results. 

Why Choose EMA? 

Prospective ecommerce entrepreneurs that don’t have experience in the industry face a lot of obstacles when getting started. From shady automation companies that can’t deliver the results they promise, to the overload of resources and information, it is very easy for new entrepreneurs to get lost and give up. EMA’s systems and services have been specifically designed to ensure they can help clients succeed regardless of their experience level. EMA aligns with their clients to handle the creation of the store, scaling of the business, and the store’s day to day operations. Many people think that building an automated ecommerce store is easy, but don’t understand how much goes into it. Incorrect product choice, poorly suited payment processors, and inefficient systems are some very prevalent challenges that cause many new ecommerce businesses to fail. EMA’s clients don’t have to worry about these problems because their stores are created and scaled completely by the company. 

Future of EMA

EMA is constantly adapting to new changes in the industry to stay one step ahead of the competition. Constant improvements to the processes and systems the company follows are a top priority and key factor in increasing client’s profits. Steven looks forward to scaling EMA further and watching the company soar to new heights. EMA is currently hiring media buyers, sales professionals, account managers, and sales managers to keep up with their rapid growth. In addition to building and operating stores, EMA is also looking to start providing marketing services to previously established stores. There are a lot of ecommerce stores that did things the right way and found moderate success, but either don’t have time to run the store or can’t stay consistent. Steven and his team at EMA are excited to start offering marketing services to existing stores that allow them to command more traffic, increase profits, and establish more consistent returns. The future is bright for EMA and they show no signs of slowing down any time soon. 

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