How Carmen Morin Turned Passion into Profit: The Story of a Classical Musician Who Built a Multiple Seven-Figure Enterprise

Have you ever heard the term “starving artist”? It’s a disempowering mentality that suggests that those pursuing the arts should be sure to “keep a day job” since a life in the arts means sacrificing stability. It’s a term that Canadian concert pianist and teacher Carmen Morin feels should become obsolete.

Carmen Morin is an artist at heart. She was labelled a child prodigy and at the age of only 10 made her orchestral debut as soloist. She received international recognition, even performing on behalf of the Canadian Embassy to showcase national talent. With these incredible experiences, she was surprised when she decided to pursue music as a career that she was met with the “starving artist” mentality that suggests that a career in the arts means sacrificing abundance and stability.

She chose to follow her instincts and now, years later, she has built multiple seven-figure businesses pursuing what she loves. After teaching at her City’s university she built a seven-figure music school in Calgary, Canada, then she branched out to build an online music education school as well which crossed the seven-figure mark In under 18 months as well. Now an award-winning, multiple seven-figure arts entrepreneur she now shares the irony that she feels it was her training as a musician that allowed her to excel in business. 

Among her many accolades, Carmen was the Horizon Award for outstanding success early in career, and Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 under 40. In 2019, she was included in the first class in North America inducted into the Steinway and Sons Teacher Hall of Fame in New York City, which recognizes North America’s most committed and passionate piano educators. 

Morin advocates that the discipline and mindset developed in musical and artistic training is precisely what will serve as an advantage in business. “Artists are trained to think. To question and challenge what’s presented to them, to believe in the power of creativity”, Morin shares.
“This dynamic thinking is exactly what is needed as an entrepreneur. Being a business owner is also a great deal of work no matter what field, so pursuing something you love will be how you persist throughout the journey.” 

Carmen Morin believes that artists should follow their instincts and pursue what they believe in most. Any specialized skill that they have can be built into a tangible business when they practice thinking and planning creatively.

Carmen’s business coaching program, Passion to Profit, teaches creatives how to leverage their expertise. The program shares the exact framework she has applied to her multiple seven-figure business. In it, she teaches business owners how to double the profit margins of their service-based business using her signature hybrid model that combines service-based business and online program –  automating their growth without adding hours to their workweek.

Aside from her passion for helping service-based businesses, Carmen has a special place in her heart to support fellow women entrepreneurs. As a proud single mother, she is intimately privy to the challenges that women in business face and offers scholarship programs specifically for women in business.

With Carmen Morin’s help, no one would have to drop their passions for something more “practical.” Connect with Carmen on her website and Instagram to learn more about how artists can build their business.


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