Hair Meds Takes a Grand Position in the Hair Care Industry to Deliver Healthy Hair Products

Healthy hair is one of the things many people desire for themselves, but there aren’t many effective products that help achieve that. Anissa Cox established Hair Meds after her fight with ovarian cancer, which made her lose her hair. Once she got off the long treatments and medications, she began another journey of growing her lost hair. Unfortunately, she didn’t find much success with getting all-natural and quality products which prompted her to create her own line of hair products. Since it was established, Hair Meds has positioned itself as a major player in ensuring healthy hair for many people looking to make their hair healthier.

Anissa Cox launched Hair Meds as a way of giving back. Since it commenced operations a year ago, the brand has contributed not just to its customers’ hair health but also to different humanitarian causes all over the United States. A percentage of every purchase goes to organizations like The American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, Autism Speaks, and other charities.

“These organizations hold significance to me as these were struggles that have directly affected my loved ones and me,” Anissa said. Explaining the motivation behind her company, she said, “Everyone deserves long, healthy hair as well as a long, healthy life. So I decided to help myself and all the other people out like me by making my own line of natural hair care products.

Hair Meds aims to deliver safe and healthy products to everyone while giving them the chance to grow the type of hair that boosts their confidence. Anissa has a master’s degree in Herbalism, which has helped her design the best and healthiest natural formulas to address various hair problems that men, women and children face. After surviving cancer, she spent long nights and months creating ingredients that satisfy the high standards she set for her products. She is also involved in the production, labeling, and sorting process to ensure her customers get exactly what they need to achieve healthy hair.

Hair Meds was created as a solution, and that solution has come in handy for many people. Anissa’s goal is to see Hair Meds products in beauty supply stores and corporate stores all over the United States. The brand is currently negotiating some deals with major distributors that are still under wraps at the moment. “We haven’t signed anything yet, but I am super excited because whatever deal we sign will be for the benefit of our customers nationwide,” Anissa says.

Anissa Cox sees herself as a fighter and is looking to instil that fighting spirit in as many people as possible. She wants everyone battling with one hair problem or the other to stay steadfast and try out Hair Meds products to fix their issues. She also gives organizations fighting cancer, autism and a host of other health problems reasons to keep going through the donations from her company. Hair Meds sprang up to deliver a much-needed solution in the hair care industry, and it’s doing a great job at it.

“We love long hair, but we want our customers to obtain healthy hair before anything else,” Anissa noted.

Learn more about Hair Meds on the company’s official website.


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