Guardians of Wellness: Aires Tech Triumph Over EMFs

Guardians of Wellness: Aires Tech Triumph Over EMFs
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As technology pervades every aspect of our lives, we face the hidden danger of electromagnetic fields (EMF), which may harm our health and well-being. AiresTech, a company founded by Dimitry Serov in 2012, offers a solution to this modern-day problem.

For those who are deeply invested in health, fitness, fertility, and family wellness, AiresTech offers a lifeline. Their innovative products, featuring proprietary silicon-based microprocessors, are meticulously engineered to mitigate the harmful effects of EMF emanating from ubiquitous consumer electronic devices and the rapidly advancing 5G networks.

“Unleashing the power of science to protect your health in a digital world,” AiresTech is on a mission to safeguard your health and the well-being of your loved ones in a world brimming with technology.

AiresTech stands apart from competitors by refraining from simply blocking EMF signals. Instead, their advanced technology focuses on protecting biological systems from the negative influence of what’s known as technogenic electromagnetic radiation. What’s more, they don’t just make bold claims; they have the scientific backing to prove it.

AiresTech uniquely addresses concerns about electromagnetic fields, not by simply obstructing EMF signals, but through their distinctive technology designed to protect biological systems from its undesirable impacts. They distinguish themselves not only through their innovative approach but also through a robust scientific foundation that underpins their claims.

Ben Greenfield, a prominent figure in the health and fitness industry, extols the virtues of Aires Tech’s products. He emphasizes, “The technology in AiresTech products is not meant to block signals, but rather to protect biological objects from the negative influence of what’s called technogenic electromagnetic radiation.” Notably, AiresTech’s claims are not mere marketing rhetoric; they are substantiated by peer-reviewed studies published in academic journals.

AiresTech‘s journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of scientific excellence. With an investment exceeding $20,000,000 USD in research and development, the company has secured 11 granted patents, 14 patents pending, and 18 trademarks pending. This impressive portfolio testifies to their dedication to innovation and their mission to make Aires a household name synonymous with trust, reliability, and protection against the invisible threats posed by modern technology.

Moreover, AiresTech’s products are firmly grounded in scientific research. Their effectiveness has been third-party tested and validated through peer-reviewed studies. One such demonstration used EEG to demonstrate how the brain is impacted by radiation both with and without exposure to Aires Tech’s products. The results unequivocally showed that having an Aires product nearby can immediately minimize the impact on the brain.

AiresTech’s technology has a storied history. It was originally developed for military applications, attesting to its robustness and reliability. Over time, this technology has been adapted for consumer use, ensuring that everyday individuals can benefit from the protection it provides.

The company’s manufacturing processes, based in the EU, blend precision with strength and scalability. This combination allows for the seamless integration of AiresTech products into the daily lives of consumers. Unlike some competitors who require complex setups, AiresTech’s offerings are designed to be ‘always-on,’ ensuring continuous protection without any hassle.

AiresTech‘s vision extends far beyond providing EMF protection. They aspire to enhance individual well-being on a global scale while promoting environmental safety. Their commitment to fostering innovation in science, advancing public education, and championing transparency is woven into the fabric of their corporate identity.

The company operates as a publicly traded entity, symbolized as “WIFI” on the Canadian Securities Exchange, with additional listings in Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany. Their mission is clear: to sustain a commitment to innovation, public education, and scientific evidence, while viewing their employees, customers, and community as vital partners in their journey.

We live in a world where technology connects us, but also exposes us to the invisible risks of EMF radiation. AiresTech is a company that protects us from these hazards with their innovative technology and scientific rigor. They care about the health, fitness, fertility, and family wellness of their customers. AiresTech is more than a brand; it’s a reliable ally in the digital age.


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