Grayson Cross: Who is He? What is his Secret Marketing Formula For Success

Grayson Cross: Who is He? What is his Secret Marketing Formula For Success
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Grayson Cross Is a fast growing name in the Ecommerce atmosphere currently being regarded as the ultimate “Growth Engineer” of digital marketing, orchestrating strategies that have been instrumental in the success of over 300-Multi 7 and 8 figure brands. Cross’s impressive journey has been the definition of exponential growth doubling his skill and investment portfolio every 6 months, getting his start at 14 years old building an inflatable bouncy castle empire then growing into selling his first digital SEO agency at 18 years old. Since then he’s worked with some of the best and brightest in the Ecommerce Atmosphere at Common Thread Collective, where champions are trained. Grayson has been know to credit CEO Taylor Holiday to much of his success today, he has been quoted saying “Without his mentorship, I would never be where I am today” Since then he is now Managing Partner at WKND Investments and Chief Growth Officer at WKND Digital, an esteemed growth partner that both acquires and scales brands while they provide award-winning “Slam Dunk – No Brainer” digital offer creation to some of the fastest growing brands in the Ecommerce DTC World.

Cross believes in something called “LTV Maxing” Utilizing tools to analyze the best products for brands to utilize in their first time customer acquisition that result in the highest LTV (lifetime value) and sustainably growing brands during economic downpour. 

A genuine self-starter, Cross ascended the ladder of success with tenacity and resilience, acquiring invaluable skills along the way. Initially, he ventured into direct digital marketing, with his journey leading him from the mailroom to corner office within his first large companies. His focus now centers on studying user trends and the Lifetime Value of customers long-term.

Currently he aligns himself with his equally savage partners, Including Kyle Hunt Founder and credited to be at one time, the fastest growing Print On Demand brand in the United States, and CEO/Founder Tommy Patterson , An industry mogul who has built and exited multiple of his own brands moving on to found WKND digital and WKND Investments on a mission of acquiring 10+ companies a year.

Together, they form a team of growth partners dedicated to crafting impactful solutions for clients with open-mindedness, curiosity, and ingenuity. Backed by a proven record of propelling companies toward exponential growth through secure, swift, and strategic approaches.

Parallel to his own trajectory, Thanks to the efforts from Tommy Patterson WKND Digital had modest beginnings as a design studio servicing it’s own internal brands that blossomed into a world-class team of creatives and producers, ad buyers, creative strategists, and branding experts that rival Nike. 

The company distinguishes itself as being more than an agency, but rather being a growth partner with a focused approach on the highest impact elements, aiming above all to generate healthy growth while utilizing a P&L model for all marketing efforts.

For Cross, the role of reading has been pivotal in his personal and professional growth. Offering advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Cross emphasizes the importance of strengthening your mind and motivation by reading more and surrounding yourself with information, as books enrich your knowledge and mindset. Along with WKND Digital’s latest accomplishment of completely defeating IOS 14.5, Cross’s recent achievement was reading a book each day for an entire year. Investing daily hours into reading, he discovered that his capacity to retain information greatly improved.

Cross’s blend of skills and resilience contributes to his ability to triumph over adversity, even in the face of economic strains. Within WKND Digital, Cross with his partners envisions a future of lucrative growth, aiming to redefine the very concept of an “agency.” He champions the beneficial advantage of growth partners, who function more as a fully engaged marketing team, producing more effective outcomes through insights into the company’s entirety. 

With proven perseverance throughout his journey and an adept understanding of the digital marketing landscape, Grayson Cross delivers growth results like no other.


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