Glamatician Erica Cox Delivers Great Makeup and Glowing Skin

Makeup has been celebrated as an outlet for creativity and self-expression. But at its core, makeup is meant to enhance the natural beauty within every person and help it shine through. Makeup artist, aesthetician, and CEO of The Glamatician Erica Cox specializes in enhancing one’s looks with makeup and taking care of the foundation under the foundation.

Erica Cox has over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. She began as a makeup artist while studying fashion in Chicago. When Erica returned to her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, this makeup artist put in the work to become a licensed aesthetician.

She said, “I loved doing makeup for other people, but it was also important to me that I be able to take care of their sin as well. I believe that great makeup begins with well-cared-for skin, so I wanted to provide that service to my clients too.”

When she moved back to her hometown, Erica Cox was invited to serve as a beauty editor for a local magazine. Over the course of her career, Erica has worked alongside celebrity photographers and models and has provided her makeup skills for magazine shoots, music videos, television shows, and theater productions.

Because Erica Cox can serve both as a makeup artist and an aesthetician, one client dubbed her “The Glamatician,” which is what Erica would soon call her brand.

“I was a freelance makeup artist with a license as an aesthetician. I decided to use the name as my brand because that is who I am and who people know me as,” she shared.

Most of her makeup work involves creating looks for special occasions, specifically wedding makeup. Erica Cox added, “I work with a lot of brides. But I also get booked for proms, senior portraits, and other special events.” Erica’s clients praise her ability to use makeup to glam them up while still making them look like themselves.

Aside from her work as “The Glamatician,” Erica Cox is also the founder of the Foundation Under the Foundation Beauty Events. She explained, “FUTF Beauty Events happen twice a year. It is an event where beauty professionals and entrepreneurs can connect with each other and with locals. Together, we celebrate makeup, art, fashion, food, entrepreneurship, and culture.” The FUTF Beauty Events will be celebrating its fourth anniversary this year, and it has a dynamic set of speakers and guests lined up this year.

Erica Cox opened a physical space for The Glamatician and now offers more services for her clients. Aside from full-face glam, clients can come in for brow tinting and lash extensions. The Glamatician also offers waxing, different facial treatments, and body treatments.

“Skincare and makeup should go hand in hand. So, whether my clients are looking to get glammed up or want to book a skin-pampering session, I have the perfect solution for them,” Erica said. Additionally, Erica has also developed a beauty oil that can be used for the face and body. This beauty oil is available at her studio.

“We are all beautiful, and sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of that, especially when we use makeup to enhance what we have,” Erica Cox said, “I hope to give my clients a wonderful experience every time they work with me or come into my studio.”

Erica Cox is a highly experienced makeup artist, founder of The Glamatician and the creator of the Foundation Under the Foundation Beauty Events. To see more of her work, you can visit her website.


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