Gil Dezer Elevates Luxury Living in Miami’s Sunny Isles with Bentley Residences

Gil Dezer Elevates Luxury Living in Miami's Sunny Isles with Bentley Residences
Photo Credit: Bentley Residences

From the beachfront high-rises to extravagant suites, Dezer Development’s signature spin on luxury is undeniable.

Their brand portfolio is home to several luxury branded real estate properties. Today, this pioneering organization is sculpting a fresh profile in luxury living with its much-anticipated project – Bentley Residences Miami. The first of its kind globally, it’s nestled in the heart of Sunny Isles, recently dubbed the new ‘billionaire bunker.’

The future seems luminous for Bentley Residences Miami, with the promise of extraordinary craftsmanship on the horizon, and the property being lauded as the most up-and-coming amenity-rich building in South Florida. The residence will feature Bentley Home’s hand-crafted furniture pieces designed in Italy, setting new benchmarks for ultra-luxury living and redefining the meaning of home. 

Alongside Bentley’s renowned craftsmanship, Bentley Residences Miami enhances the living experience with an array of irresistible amenities. Residents can indulge in world-class cuisine prepared by in-house Celebrity Chef Todd English in the exclusive resident-only restaurant, enjoy the private Macallan Whisky Bar, or unwind in a state-of-the-art cinema. The building encompasses a meticulously curated wellness center, a games room equipped with VR headsets, and a decadent spa, all promising a life of ultra-luxury.

Gil Dezer Elevates Luxury Living in Miami's Sunny Isles with Bentley Residences
Photo Credit: Bentley Residences

A standout feature is the patented ‘Dezervator,’ a car elevator capable of transporting up to four cars directly to residents’ sky-high mansions. Each residence is equipped with either three or four in-unit parking spaces of its own, setting a new gold standard in convenience and luxury living. There are also four to eight car elevator spaces for the penthouse units – which is double. 

The extravagance extends to the master bathrooms, featuring private saunas, heated floors, towel warmers in the master vanities, and more. The grandeur continues outdoors with expansive terraces offering full-service outdoor kitchens, individual balcony outdoor infinity pools with unobstructed views of the ocean and the intracoastal, and outdoor showers.

Bentley Residences Miami also introduces a new concept in luxury: the Beach Club, a private club exclusively for Bentley owners that will feature its own bar, patio, and beach area for a lavish, unparalleled experience.

Attention to detail triumphs, with diamond-shaped glass panels meticulously angled on the building’s façade, creating the perfect natural light refraction, along with smart climate controls with digital thermostats.

Chris Cooke and Brett Boydell, designers at Bentley, describe the Bentley Residences Miami as a “symphony of design highlights and inspiration.” As the first residential project in collaboration with Bentley Motors, the Bentley Residences Miami project signifies the dawning of a new era in luxury living. Set to complete in 2027, it demonstrates the enduring commitment of Dezer Development to their vision and commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.


This project sets a bold new trend for the South Florida real estate market, promising a unique blend of unparalleled luxury and lifestyle-enhancing amenities. The sales success record for Dezer Development’s projects proves the keen interest of local, national, and international buyers in their ultra-luxurious residencies. The company’s unceasing dedication to innovative real estate solutions and the extensive expectation for their latest project, Bentley Residences Miami, mark their ongoing voyage toward unparalleled success in the real estate industry.

Foundational to the New York, Florida, and Las Vegas landscape, Dezer Development has consistently brought their vision for innovative real estate to life, leaving indomitable imprints of opulence on the skylines of these bustling metropolises. Founded in 1970 by real estate visionary Michael Dezer and later expanded by his son, Gil Dezer, the company has established itself as a leader in the industry, boasting an impressive portfolio of unique and strategic property holdings in these three locations.

Discover the future of luxury living at Bentley Residences Miami, bringing a new level of opulence and panache to Miami’s Sunny Isles and beyond. For more information, visit

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