The Versatility and Convenience of Gift Cards: Why They’re the Perfect Gift Option According to CardSnacks

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Administrative professionals play a critical role in the success of any organization, and according to a recent survey by CardSnacks, they feel fulfilled and appreciated in their roles. With Administrative Professionals’ Day fast approaching on April 26, it’s an ideal time for organizations to recognize and celebrate these hardworking individuals.

The CardSnacks survey revealed that compared to other employees, administrative professionals are more content with their current work environment and are not actively seeking new job opportunities. While 96% of workers are reportedly looking for new jobs this year, only 38.24% of administrative professionals surveyed said that they were actively seeking new employment. The majority of respondents, nearly two-thirds, feel fulfilled in their current roles and believe that their jobs are secure, with only 28.9% concerned about the possibility of being laid off.

The survey results are good news for managers and HR executives, as the majority of administrative professionals feel appreciated and valued for the work they do. Nearly 70% of respondents said that they feel appreciated for their work, and over half reported that their supervisors are appreciative and respectful.

When it comes to how they would like to be recognized on Administrative Professionals’ Day, respondents overwhelmingly preferred receiving a card with a gift enclosed, with 32.8% selecting this option. Other popular choices included an early afternoon off (31.9%) and being taken to lunch (19.1%). A significant number of respondents (16.2%) preferred being publicly recognized in the office.

Gift cards were the preferred choice for gifts, with nearly 82% of respondents opting for this type of gift, compared to just 18% who preferred cash. The survey also found that $50 was the ideal value for a gift card to make administrative professionals feel appreciated, with 25.5% selecting $100 and 17.6% choosing $20.

Gift cards are a convenient, versatile, and thoughtful gift option that offers many benefits for both givers and receivers. Whether celebrating a special occasion, showing appreciation, or simply treating someone to a special gift, gift cards are an excellent choice. With so many options available, there is a gift card for everyone and every occasion.

While the survey revealed that administrative professionals are largely content in their roles, it also highlighted some areas of concern. Stress levels at work are rising, with 38.2% of respondents reporting increased stress levels this year. Many administrative professionals are also responsible for tasks beyond administrative work, with 69% saying that their workdays contain such tasks. Additionally, while the majority (51.5%) of respondents feel that they are fairly compensated, almost half (44.6%) feel that they are underpaid.

The CardSnacks survey polled over 200 administrative professionals across the United States, and the findings provide valuable insights for organizations as they prepare to celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day. This holiday, which started as National Secretaries Day in 1952, has evolved to recognize the diverse and complex roles of administrative professionals. It is an opportunity for organizations to express appreciation and gratitude for the hard work and dedication of their administrative staff.

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