Georgi Todorov: The Self-Taught Entrepreneur with an Inspirational Journey to Digital Success

Georgi Todorov: The Self-Taught Entrepreneur with an Inspirational Journey to Digital Success
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Renowned for his contribution to several influential publications like the Los Angeles Times, BBC, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, Georgi Todorov is a self-made entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the world of online business. With a remarkable journey beginning in the UK’s farmlands to spearheading a successful blog with over 300,000 monthly visitors, Todorov’s story is as inspiring as it is motivating. His expertise and business acumen have birthed ‘Create & Grow,’ an initiative aimed at aiding individuals in the creation and growth of their online ventures.

In his words, “My journey started quite differently – in the fields of the UK, picking peas, and strawberries. This hard work on UK farms sparked my desire for a change, leading me into the world of online business. I built a successful blog from the ground up. My story is one of transformation, from manual labor to digital success, demonstrating that with determination and the right skills, anyone can transition to a new, rewarding career/entrepreneurial path.”

Todorov’s business acumen isn’t confined to subjective experience, but it spills into the realm of academia as he pens down entrepreneur-centric articles for Forbes. A firm believer in the business-centric approach to blogging, he states, “If you start your blog as a hobby, it will be more difficult to make money from it. Start it like any other business. Invest money, time, and energy into it. Blogging is not a hobby; it’s a business.”

This philosophy is manifest in Todorov’s own experience with ‘Thrive My Way,’ the blog he transformed into a six-figure revenue stream. This digital venture did not magically reach its height overnight; it was a calculated effort of strategic publishing and networking. “I focused on publishing a high volume of quality articles in a short period of time,” Todorov explains, elucidating on how he immersed himself in digital marketing groups and masterminds, thereby leveraging his network’s knowledge and resources.

Moving away from typical hobby-oriented blogs, Todorov decided to utilize his connections and established name in the digital marketing world. This strategic move was one of the key factors that catalyzed the growth of ‘Thrive My Way.’ In just six months, the blog had over 300 articles driving organic Google traffic to the tune of 100,000!

Selling the blog, however, posed different challenges. The important lesson Todorov learned and shared was to think about the sale from the beginning and monetize quickly. When he started ‘Thrive My Way,’ selling it was the furthest thing from his mind. In retrospect, he considers delaying the start of various monetization methods like sponsored posts and affiliate marketing a mistake. He emphasizes that potential buyers are interested in the net profit of the last 12 months, hence the need for swift monetization and diverse income streams to maximize the blog’s value.

In selling ‘Thrive My Way,’ careful consideration was given to choosing a selling platform. After detailed research and contacting several platforms for initial price estimates, Flippa emerged as the best fit for two reasons. Not only did it offer the highest initial evaluation, but also because as the biggest platform, it stood the highest chance of finding a buyer for his site. Thus, Todorov’s business was sold for a six-figure sum of $102,000, a testament to his strategic placement and business mindset.

The selling process, coupled with his personal experiences in the digital space, supplied Todorov with numerous key takeaways, including the vital need for patience, the importance of involving your team, and the value of creative freedom and future opportunities.

Pursuing another labor of love, Todorov invested his earnings into his latest venture, ‘Create & Grow.’ This early 2024 launch aims to guide and teach individuals how to start and grow their online space.

In a rapidly growing world of about 600 million blogs worldwide, Georgi Todorov’s story stands out. From his roots picking peas and strawberries to selling a successful blog for a six-figure sum, his is a testament to strategic thinking, adaptability, and entrepreneurial grit. He is currently active on LinkedIn and is open to interviews for those keen on gaining valuable insights into the digital entrepreneurial world.

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