Game Changer: The Hostage Tape Manifesto

Hostage Tape
Photo Credit: Alex Neist

The value of a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. We’ve all experienced nights where sleep feels elusive; where we’re left tossing and turning in frustration as the clock mercilessly ticks away the precious hours. But trust us – peaceful, restorative sleep is closer than you think.  Allow us to introduce Hostage Tape mouthtape. It’s the good dream you’ve been waiting for, and it promises nights of rejuvenation and days of boundless energy.  Don’t let poor sleep or snoring hold you hostage.

Hostage Tape is a mouthtape that tackles the common and often overlooked problem of nighttime mouth breathing. Consequences of this seemingly innocuous habit can be dire, ranging from poor sleep quality and loud snoring to sleep apnea and other related health issues.

So what sets Hostage Tape apart from the competition?  There’s a laundry list of advantages, and it all starts with comfort. Made from a flexible fabric material, it’s light as air and is incredibly breathable. Versatility is also a key: its grip is so sturdy, it could arm wrestle a lumberjack and win – all to ensure it stays in place throughout the night, regardless of facial hair status or skin type (dry or oily).

But Hostage Tape isn’t just about function; it’s also about style. Its sleek black design looks fantastic and adds a cool splash of refinement to your nighttime ritual. Cap off your day with a lifestyle upgrade.

Hostage Tape is available in monthly packages of 30 mouthtapes to round out your nighttime routine. You’ll have all you need to #ShutYourMouth and enjoy restful sleep. 

It all comes in a chic bedside tin (sporting an elegant, fan-favorite design), and is CPAP-friendly, too, making it a versatile solution for a host of sleep issues. 

Hostage Tape is set to redefine the way we sleep, and our motto, “The strongest, most comfortable mouth tape on the planet,” isn’t just a tagline – it’s a promise. 

The story behind Hostage Tape is as inspiring as the product itself. Founder Alex Neist’s struggle with snoring led him on a personal journey through which he discovered the transformative power of mouth taping. 

Snoring had ultimately taken a toll on his marriage, and the fallout of that affected his children’s well-being. Alex was driven to find an answer and get things back on track.

As a former professional Quarterback who had always been dedicated to health-based solutions, he knew to start there. He dug in, researched mouth taping, and what he found changed his life for the better almost immediately.

He tried many different products, but realized none of them offered the full complement of what he was after: comfort, versatility, and style.  So (along with designer and co-founder Benjamin Read) Alex made his own and called it Hostage Tape.

Hostage Tape is itself a mission statement intended to improve the quality of sleep for anyone and everyone, and Alex’s story is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and innovation. Today, he’s not only back together with his wife and family, he’s also helping countless others break free from the shackles of poor sleep, all thanks to Hostage Tape.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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