From Model to Mogul: Entrepreneurial Rise of Diana Qeblawi

From Model to Mogul: Entrepreneurial Rise of Diana Qeblawi
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By: Seraphina Quinn

Diana Qeblawi, a prominent figure in business, modeling, and television, possesses diverse accomplishments that reflect her dynamic journey. Born on January 22, 1990, in Kuwait, Diana’s heritage is a mix of Palestinian, Jordanian, and Filipino roots. Her journey started in the Philippines, where her early passion for fashion design led her to pursue studies at the SoFA Design Institute. Diana’s career path encompasses significant roles such as a TV personality with ABS-CBN and later as a real estate manager at Century Properties while studying Interior Design at the Centre of Excellence. Her career took a global turn when she decided to move to Dubai, UAE, where she contributed her skills as a marketing executive at Yakult Middle East. However, her entrepreneurial spirit truly excelled after moving to California, USA, where she founded Qeblawi, a cosmetic company offering a wide range of Halal Certified products.

Modeling Career and Entry into the Industry

Diana began her professional journey with a debut into the world of modeling as she joined the ABS-CBN Corporation in February 2007. Alongside her modeling campaigns, Qeblawi was also one of the first individuals to be known in public as one of ‘the briefcase girls’ on the widely recognized Kapamilya (Deal or No Deal) TV show. With a blend of grace and poise, Diana lent her presence to a range of projects, contributing her essence to various campaigns and fashion events. As she progressed further, her lead role within the industry exposed her to the pinnacle of success.

Transition to Real Estate Management

In 2012, Diana welcomed a career transition, redirecting her attention toward real estate management and a diploma in interior design. Being the breadwinner for her family at the time, she also traveled to Dubai in 2015 and worked as an interior designer at Jumeirah Beach Residence. In 2011, she was hired by Century Properties (a real estate developer) in the Philippines and earned her license while modeling on the side. Her role as a real estate manager allowed her to engage in various sides of the industry, from property development to client relations. Diana’s contributions were highlighted by her dedication to delivering positive client experiences and her sleek understanding of market complexities. This period of her career showcased her adaptability and business awareness, enhancing her capacity to excel beyond the limitations of the modeling industry.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits: Establishing Qeblawi

A defining shift in Diana’s entrepreneurial path appeared as she made the decision to begin her career as a businesswoman. This led to the establishment of Qeblawi, a Muslim-owned, Halal cosmetic-certified company that aligns neatly with her creative vision and passion. The launch of Qeblawi marked a benchmark showcasing her transition from established industries to carving out her own entrepreneurial path. Her company’s offerings, including lipsticks, blushers, and Eyeliners, displayed her sharp eye for aesthetics and her understanding of market trends.

Diana’s business vision is a sheer display of her creativity and dedication to quality, backed by incredible results. Her journey in entrepreneurship stems from a remarkable understanding of market dynamics: Qeblawi’s product line garnered a 65% increase in customer engagement within its first year. This success outlines her commitment to excellence as well as her ability to capture a fair share of the cosmetic market. Moreover, Qeblawi’s brand exposure has led to a 45% boost in customer loyalty, reflecting her strategic approach to delivering top-notch Halal-certified quality products. Diana’s vision combines aesthetic appeal with maximum impact, demonstrating her versatile business expertise.


In summary, Diana’s journey from her beginnings as a model to her current role as an entrepreneur and a real estate professional proves her swift adaptability, determination, and vision. Her transition from the modeling industry to real estate management while designing extraordinary interior models to establishing her own cosmetic company, Qeblawi, shows her dynamic evolution. With successes in multiple industries, Diana has made a digital footprint showcasing her capacity to navigate diverse fields like a pro. As she continues to expand her horizons, her impact has moved thousands of lives through her business ventures, philanthropic efforts, and advocacy initiatives. With a promising future ahead. Diana remains an exemplar of the potential for individuals to shape their future across a wide range of pursuits.


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