From Lens to Limelight: Aubrey Chandler’s CEO Journey

From Lens to Limelight Aubrey Chandler's CEO Journey
Photo Courtesy: Anna Maria Lipsig

In the bustling streets of Miami, where the sun kisses the ocean and dreams are sculpted into reality, resides a force to be reckoned with – Aubrey Chandler. Born under the vibrant skies of Tampa, Aubrey’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, a tale woven with threads of resilience, passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Initially recognized for her flair in acting and modeling, Aubrey’s pivot into photography was serendipitous yet transformative. She fell into photography by accident. Her tiny camera she used to take photos of her kids was stolen and that propelled her to buy a professional camera on a whim. Aubrey quickly began capturing the essence of Oscar-winning talents and A-list celebrities.  Her lens has graced the covers and pages of esteemed publications such as People, Rolling Stone, and Marie Claire. Notable encounters include photographing the iconic Shaquille O’Neal and working for notable figures like Chayanne, Ricky Martin, Alicia Keys, and Snoop Dogg in the business of private aviation. Aubrey’s ascent in photography reached monumental heights when her work adorned a colossal billboard in Times Square, a testament to her artistic prowess and industry acclaim. 

Beyond the glamor of Hollywood, Aubrey Chandler excelled in the realm of private aviation, where she navigated multiple departments and fostered relationships with global elites. Leveraging her extensive network, she seamlessly transitioned into real estate, utilizing her connections to propel her clients to unprecedented heights.

A defining moment in Aubrey’s career came with orchestrating her client’s debut on the esteemed TED Talks platform, solidifying her reputation as a visionary connector and business luminary. For her, success is not just about personal achievement but also about empowering others to reach their full potential. 

Reflecting on her journey, Aubrey generously shares, “My secret to success in photography and business lies in two fundamental principles: trust and boundaries. Throughout my journey, I’ve encountered numerous challenges, especially in trusting the wrong people. However, I’ve learned that trust is earned over time and should never be given lightly. By setting clear boundaries and surrounding myself with positive, driven individuals who share my vision, I’ve been able to navigate the complexities of several industries with confidence and resilience. It’s essential to cultivate genuine connections and prioritize authenticity in all aspects of business. Trusting in my instincts and staying true to my values has been instrumental in achieving success and building lasting relationships with clients and colleagues alike.”

As Aubrey Chandler ventures further into uncharted territories, her unwavering dedication to empowering others shines through. With a unique combination of skills and deep industry knowledge, Aubrey has become a pivotal figure in brand development. Her journey is more than just a personal success story; it’s a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and creative minds everywhere. Aubrey’s approach combines a sharp business acumen with a creative flair, allowing her to transform challenges into opportunities and ideas into successful ventures. Her story exemplifies the power of perseverance and the impact of a positive mindset, demonstrating that with the right approach and relentless drive, achieving remarkable success is within reach for anyone willing to strive for it.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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