From Goal-Chasing to Inner Fulfillment: The Transformative Approach of Happiness Coach Dannie De Novo

Dannie De Novo
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If you’re like many people, you may believe that happiness comes exclusively from achieving your goals. What if there was someone who could show you that happiness is more than a checklist of accomplishments, but actually a state of mind? Meet Dannie De Novo, the Happiness Coach who is changing lives for the better. Through her unique approach to coaching, Dannie has helped countless individuals find true happiness and fulfillment.

Dannie De Novo is a happiness coach who believes that everyone has the potential to create a life that they love. With her expertise in personal development, she helps her clients identify their areas of growth and develop personally meaningful goals. Through individualized coaching sessions, De Novo encourages her clients to take an active role in making their lives better. She offers support and guidance so that they can set achievable objectives while embracing an optimistic outlook and creating positive habits of thinking.

De Novo’s fascination with the pursuit of happiness began from her own place of personal sadness. After struggling to find contentment in her own life, she found solace in the idea that everyone deserves joy and satisfaction – and it was her mission to help others achieve just that. On the surface, she was living the perfect life. A respectable career as an attorney, along with a beautiful home and family to call her own. Nonetheless, she couldn’t hide her ongoing depression, particularly from her lovely young daughter, who emulated her every move. Not wanting her negative attitude to influence her, she began to intensely research happiness and how to achieve it. During this period of ardent study, she spoke with people from all walks of life – self-help authors, life coaches, even monks and shamans. She dug deep into the subject, researching extensively with a dreamy eye toward finding genuine joy in life rather than temporary methods or vices.

As she shed the negativity that consumed much of her life, De Novo’s brother noticed a revitalization in her spirit and attitude. Craving the same results for his own mental state, De Novo encouraged her brother to follow the same practices that she implemented in her life. Eventually, her brother made great strides in becoming a happier person. And thus, her brother’s turnaround became the genesis of Dannie De Novo’s new career. With tremendous dedication, passion, and resilience; Dannie became a “Happiness Coach” – using her knowledge to guide her clients towards a more uplifting way of living.

“Happiness Coach” Dannie De Novo is no ordinary life coach – she has created her own unique range of techniques to help her clients achieve the happiness they desire. Her dedication to her work, which she approaches with creativity and intelligence, ensures each client is on a tailored journey to success. 

Clients range from middle-aged men who have seemingly crossed off every traditional accomplishment in their lives – a significant other, children, a great job and still feel stuck with the lingering question, “Is this it?” To “supermoms” burdened with creating the perfect image of their lives and families to the outside world. Yet, while giving so much effort to creating the perfect appearance, they forget to actually live and enjoy their lives, becoming mere passengers to their own stories. In De Novo’s empowering sessions, people learn tangible strategies they can apply in their daily lives to break down barriers and create leaps of understanding towards attaining inner peace. Quite frankly, with De Novo on your side, inner calm is within reach – whatever age or worries you may have.

A common negative attribute that hampers clients is what De Novo refers to as your “climate.” She says, “Are you the person that when you walk in the door, a rain cloud follows you? Or when you walk into a room, do you bring a little sunshine with you?” These are negative patterns in your life that can be tracked, made aware of, and reversed accordingly. De Novo also helps clients find passions in their lives. Hobbies that you love and enjoy do wonders when it comes to uplifting moods. Passions can become great fuel for your life and give a sense of fulfillment. And most importantly, simply taking care of yourself and paying heed to what goes into your body. For instance, sugar intake can be a massive feeder of anxiety and depression. These concepts seem simple, but often prove difficult to execute. Coaching and mentorship oftentimes become the missing step to helping hold a person accountable and strategically implementing changes in their lives.

These lessons come in the form of online programs where clients can do asynchronous self-study on their own terms. Additionally, one-on-one coaching is available, with De Novo asking potential clients for a commitment of 12 weeks after a consultation. On average, by the third month is when the majority of clients palpably show positive change in their lives. People may not know the root cause of their unhappiness. It can take time to find the sources of unhappiness in your life. 

Her clients have seen amazing results, and they continue to recommend her coaching to others. De Novo has consistently delivered amazing results for those who seek out her assistance. Her success rate is so well-known that many of her former clients have become some of her greatest advocates; they continue to promote her services among family, friends, and colleagues. De Novo can provide tailored advice on how to inject joy into your routine and cultivate a more positive mindset. She offers her clients an interactive, unique experience that can help enhance one’s life. If you feel like life is leaving you feeling drained and unfulfilled, it might be time to bring in a happiness coach. If you’re looking to change your life in a positive direction, it is highly recommended that you engage with the wisdom and expertise of Dannie De Novo. Contact her today and see how she can help you become the best version of yourself.



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