From C’s to CEO: How Founder of Live Large Coaching Beat the Odds and Found Success

The current education system continues to emphasize the idea that following the traditional path would ensure success. Many families firmly believe in this, which explains the considerable number of young adults who are shamed for defying expectations and steering away from conventional education and careers. Those who opt not to earn a degree and land a desk job are often told that they would not amount to anything, a conclusion that countless powerhouses and industry giants have proven untrue over the years. Chris Patterson, a Proctor Gallagher Institute accredited consultant and the mind behind Live Large Coaching, is among today’s up-and-coming thought leaders whose journey to the top sets an example for go-getters to follow.

Goals over grades. This is made clear by Chris Patterson’s story of success. As a “C” student who eventually transformed into a CEO, he highlights the importance of clinging to a clear-cut vision in order to bring it to fruition. More than the scores on people’s transcripts, the purpose that drives people forward is critical. 

Like millions of other students, Chris Patterson used to drown in self-limiting beliefs surrounding his intelligence. “One of the major beliefs I developed through and after high school was that I was not very intelligent,” shared the CEO of Interchanges, a strategic digital marketing agency responsible for generating over $1.6 billion revenue for clients in the past twenty-two years. 

Later in his life, Chris Patterson looked back and realized the vital role goals play in people’s desire to reach greater heights. So, after starting and scaling several lucrative businesses, the high-performance coach made it his mission to help entrepreneurs and professionals not only figure out what they want to be, do, and have but also learn how to get there. In all his efforts, he operated with the overarching goal of making a difference in people’s lives. 

Within Live Large Coaching, Chris Patterson teaches go-getters how to accelerate their income, live a life of intentionality, and set achievable goals. His signature course provides individuals full access to the proven system Thinking Into Results. Additionally, it offers 24 one-hour coaching sessions and entry to the fast-growing Live Large community. 

Through Live Large Coaching, Chris Patterson shares the key takeaways he has learned in the past two decades. Apart from the upkeep involved in overseeing successful ventures, Chris focuses on guiding his clients to reach their goals, overcome their limiting beliefs, and maximize their potential. 

In the future, Chris Patterson desires to leave a lasting impression on the entrepreneurial realm and personal development space. Most importantly, he hopes to lead more entrepreneurs and business owners in the direction of success.


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