From Bankruptcy to Millionaire: The Inspiring Journey of Michael Lanctot and His Venture, YoungNRetired

Michael Lanctot
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By: Jon Stojan

In the realm of business ventures and monetary achievements, few stories are as momentous as Michael Lanctot (@mikesYoungNRetired), CEO of YoungNRetired (YNR). Focused on 18-30-year-old hustlers, YoungNRetired aids in developing businesses to thrive, empowering young entrepreneurs to take command of their financial future.

YoungNRetired is the brainchild of an aggressive business visionary who has faced financial affliction firsthand. It all started when Michael was concentrating on compound and nuclear engineering, a field that generally leads to a stable, conventional career. Nevertheless, his passion for initiating something unique and nurturing his own ideas guided him onto a different path.

Michael’s journey took an unexpected turn when he engaged in greenhouse projects for the Navajo Nation as part of the Engineers Without Borders program during his college days. This experience awakened his understanding of ownership and the value in one’s innovations.

To transform his aspirations into reality, Michael realized the importance of establishing a solid foundation in sales. Through hard work and determination, he acquired the essential skills needed to move forward. Unexpectedly, a lawsuit forced him into bankruptcy at the tender age of 22. However, he refused to let this define him or dictate his future. With renewed determination, he excelled in another sales organization, honed his leadership and recruitment skills, and began building a recurring stream of passive income.

Having attained sufficient passive income to sustain his lifestyle, he considered himself retired and embarked on a journey of growth. His subsequent career move resulted in him earning more in six months than he had in the previous four years combined. This success enabled him to recruit 500 sales representatives and lay the foundation for YoungNRetired.

Today, YoungNRetired transcends being merely a brand; it is a movement. The focus remains on young go-getters, providing them with the opportunity to break free from the rat race while they’re still young and energetic enough to enjoy it. YoungNRetired’s mission is to create a legion of exceptionally outstanding salespeople and managers, empowering them to lead organizations at an unprecedented level.

Adding to his accomplishments, Michael recently released a groundbreaking book titled “Unchained Wealth,” which redefines financial security and challenges prevailing limiting beliefs about wealth accumulation. Additionally, his Turo management company, Fleetandgo, was established after he assisted 40 individuals in starting their own Turo businesses. He subsequently developed a downloadable course available in the App Store to educate others on replicating his success.

The inception and evolution of YoungNRetired showcase the power of perseverance and affirm that financial success is achievable, even in the face of adversity. YoungNRetired stands as an inspiration for young individuals striving to take control of their financial futures and craft lives they can be proud of. As the saying goes, it’s not about how you start; it’s about how you finish, and YoungNRetired is set to conclude on a positive note.


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