Former Fintech Executive Helps Founders Launch, Scale and Grow Fintech Startups

Bruce Fador
Photo Credited to Bruce Fador

Today’s financial landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the relentless innovation of over 12,000 fintech startups, collectively propelling an industry valued at a staggering $127 billion. Amidst this dynamic and rapidly evolving ecosystem, there emerges a figure of exceptional influence and insight: Bruce Fador. As the visionary founder and accomplished managing partner of Fador Global Resources, Bruce Fador’s journey through the fintech sphere serves as an inspiring masterclass in harnessing the boundless potential of fintech to catalyze strategic growth and redefine the way we navigate the financial world.

Bruce Fador’s name resonates as a trailblazer in the fintech realm, an individual who not only adapts to change but actively shapes its course. His profound understanding of financial technology and his ability to strategically leverage it are hallmarks of his success story. Fador Global Resources, under his leadership, stands at the forefront of fintech innovation, driving a paradigm shift in how businesses and individuals engage with financial services. Bruce’s commitment to excellence and his unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the fintech arena set him apart as a visionary leader in an industry characterized by relentless disruption. In the era of fintech revolution, Bruce Fador is not merely a spectator; he is the architect of a new financial frontier.

Bruce’s Journey to Prominence

With over three decades serving in the financial and fintech industries, Bruce has gathered a wealth of experience, having worked closely with market data providers, private equity firms, and FinTech startups. His initial taste of success was based on a simple idea of cooperating in business. “I’ve always believed in the power of collaboration and strategic alliances,” Bruce often remarked.” Following this principle proved to be useful as Fador steered Thomson First Call’s core revenues soared from $18M to an impressive 200M under his guidance.

His stint at WorldStreet, an emerging FinTech startup, further validated his expertise. Taking on dual roles as CEO and president, Bruce reflected, “Every challenge is an opportunity.” His relentless drive secured a significant $57M from a powerful and varied set of investors and eventually led to the sale of its assets to Thomson Financial.

His role at Weiss Ratings underscored his innate ability to foster growth. Through strategic initiatives and leveraging industry know-how, he bolstered their revenues from $1M to $7M, paving the way for its acquisition by

Looking For A Better Way To Do Business

Despite his own success, Bruce found himself looking for a new way to serve. “I stepped into consulting and business coaching with the idea that I could help more businesses.” For Bruce, it’s not just about past milestones and success but about “helping businesses get ‘unstuck’ and grow faster,” as he often says. And while I miss running a team, I love helping others find success in their own endeavors. 

And for the last ten years, he has done exactly that. Through his company, Fador Global Resources, Bruce and his team help small to medium-sized fintech and data companies accelerate their sales and revenue by applying the strategies he learned while leading multiple eight and nine-figure companies. By offering in-depth company analysis, market research, and a customized approach to sales, Fador Global Resources is committed to getting results for its clients. 

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If you are looking for someone with decades of experience in fintech as well as a heart to serve and help you grow, you can reach Bruce Fador and his team at their website or follow them on LinkedIn.


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