Former Broker Builds Billion-Dollar Wealth Management Firm With Client Advocacy and Long-Term Investment Strategies

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Houston-based Segment Wealth Management, a fiduciary advisory firm, was founded in 2012 by former broker Gil Baumgarten. Baumgarten’s vision was to establish a firm that could prioritize advocating for clients and their best interests. Since then, Segment Wealth has grown into a billion-dollar company, serving only qualified clientele of high-net-worth individuals and outsourced family offices willing to put forth at least $5 million.

Business Model Focused on Low Fees, Tax Efficiency, and Long-Term Results

Segment Wealth Management has become a premier advisory firm in the financial industry. As a fiduciary firm, Segment Wealth is legally required to do what is best for their clients. Baumgarten and his team consistently strive to implement transparency and integrity into their work.

Their business model prioritizes low fees, tax efficiency, and long-term results. The firm allocates clients’ assets based on risk appetite and optimizes investment strategies to meet specific goals. 

To benefit the client and the firm, Baumgarten is selective about his clients and prefers to work only with those whose investment and risk tolerance philosophies align with his own.

Baumgarten’s expertise in investing has played a critical role in Segment Wealth Management’s success. Under his leadership, Segment Wealth remains committed to core strategies such as Exchange-Traded Funds and the Tax-Efficient Dividend Growth Strategy, while avoiding stock market trends that may appeal to other investors.

He believes that investors with a long-term perspective can produce future solid income and capital appreciation by maintaining a portfolio of stocks with consistent and growing dividends.

This approach has served the company well, with plenty of new accounts coming in annually, averaging about $50 million per year. Baumgarten’s approach has helped Segment Wealth grow from $250 million to over $1 billion in just a decade.

Baumgarten Recognized as Thought Leader

After battling UBS in defense of 100% ETF portfolios, a direct assault on the firm’s fee-rich mutual fund business, he was on the original beta-test team of six advisors permitted to run discretionary ETF portfolios in 2002. He is one of only a handful of professional money managers with a 20-year all-ETF portfolio track record.

Baumgarten’s success has not gone unnoticed by industry experts. His innovative approach to investing has earned him recognition as one of the “Top-20 Exchange-Traded Fund Thought Leaders in America” by Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal.

Segment Recognized by Industry Experts

Segment Wealth Management is SEC-registered and has earned recognition from Barron’s and the Houston Business Journal as one of the top advisory firms in America and the Greater Houston area. Gil Baumgarten’s move from broker to client advocate has strongly influenced his success with Segment Wealth Management.

With their quality over quantity approach to taking on new client accounts and commitment to their effective investment strategies, Segment Wealth continues to grow and attract high-net-worth clientele and respectable working relationships with other industry professionals, such as CPAs. The firm’s dedication to protecting the financial futures of their clients, and striving for long-term success, is what makes Segment Wealth a trusted and referable advisory firm.


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