For You Advertising: The TikTok-Focused Agency Dominating E-commerce Growth

For You Advertising
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For You Advertising (FYA) is a fast-rising star in the world of e-commerce growth agencies, with a focus on the rapidly growing platform TikTok. Co-founders Olly Hudson, Joe Marston, Loukas Hambi, and Liam Dean all long recognized the potential of TikTok while each individually running their own creative agencies before starting FYA. Ever since they understood the capabilities of TikTok the four have been at the forefront of utilizing the platform to achieve outstanding results for their clients.

The agency, For You Advertising, was founded in 2021, and has since grown to a team of over 20 members, all of whom are experts in creating short-form performance creatives, TikTok creative strategy, and performance marketing or paid ads. The agency’s unique approach to the platform has enabled them to achieve results that are beyond the reach of other agencies, leading to their rapidly growing client base.

Before founding For You Advertising, Olly Hudson started another agency with his co-founder again, Joe Marston. The agency was called Soar With Us, a full-stack DTC growth agency. It was during this time that they saw the incredible results they were achieving on the TikTok platform and decided to focus all their efforts towards TikTok. This is when they decided to team up with Loukas Hambi, founder of Hambi Media, and Liam Dean to produce the perfect blend of performance and creative specialism for the TikTok platform exclusively.

For You Advertising has made waves in the e-commerce space with its highly successful, high-quality content and convertible paid performance marketing strategies. The agency’s unique approach has even caught the attention of TikTok’s own DTC team, who reached out to Olly for a private workshop on their approach to user-generated content (UGC), performance marketing, and paid ads. TikTok Vertical Manager of the UK, Dave Morrissey, stated after the workshop “Creative on TikTok has been a challenge for brands to scale on the platform, For You have significantly reduced this challenge with their systematic approach to creative. By taking a test-and-learn approach to creative, with tight feedback loops and nimble modulated production, they have enabled brands to tap into the TikTok audience in a scalable way, delivering market-leading performance results’ ‘. 

Olly believes that many agencies approach TikTok with the same strategies they use on other platforms, such as Facebook, and therefore fail to generate results. Loukas from Hambi Media once said, “After years of creating thousands of pieces of Meta creative at Hambi Media, it became clear that brands were mistakenly trying and failing to utilise the same approach to content creation on Tiktok”.4  For You Advertising recognizes that each brand has different levels of experience and understanding of the TikTok platform. The agency offers customized solutions based on each brand’s specific needs.

For clients who lack a fundamental understanding of TikTok, For You Advertising offers help in understanding the platform and its position as a marketing service. For clients with limited success on the platform, For You Advertising provides Done-For-You UGC, along with assistance with research, ideation, briefing, scripting, and other essentials in creating content. For clients who are already spending at a considerable scale, the agency offers assistance with different paid ad strategies and performance marketing, especially differentiating TikTok strategies and Facebook strategies.

For You Advertising believes in creating content specifically for TikTok. Repurposed content from other platforms does not perform as well as content created specifically for the platform. The agency also only uses the best UGC creators in the space, as only 20% of content creators can produce top-tier content that converts. This attention to detail is reflected in the outstanding results achieved by the agency’s clients.

For You Advertising’s comprehension of the TikTok platform is unmatched, and they have meticulously studied how to tackle it in the right way. This has resulted in exceptional workshops and performance marketing tactics that empower clients with the same know-how, positioning them ahead of their rivals. The agency’s astonishing accomplishments have resulted in an increased demand, and in a mere three months, For You Advertising successfully propelled one of its clients to multi 7,8, and 9-figure months, placing them in the top five TikTok spenders throughout the UK. 

For You Advertising is a leading agency that stands out from its competitors with its in-depth knowledge of the TikTok platform. Their distinct approach is yielding exceptional results for clients, placing them at the forefront of their industry. As the agency continues to expand and make its mark, it is one to watch in 2023 and beyond.


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