Fitness Trainer Whitney Johns Talks About Health, Wellness, and Her Own Supplement Line

Photos by @lee_lhgfx

With more and more people inclined to make their well-being a top priority, health experts and enthusiasts alike have been coming up with ways that would encourage others to incorporate healthier and more meaningful choices into their daily lives. Among the most common practices that are good for the health are eating more nutritious meals and having regular exercise. However, fitness trainer Whitney Johns knows that supplementation also plays a significant role in one’s overall wellness. For this reason, she addressed herself to the challenge of developing her own supplement line. 

Although the industry is already teeming with thousands of brands releasing their own vitamins and supplements, Whitney Johns did not let this heavy competition get in the way of pursuing her lifelong goal of helping people turn into the best and healthiest version of themselves. Her supplement line, which launched last April 27, 2022, is unique in the sense that it is geared towards addressing the specific needs of the body. Currently, it has three trademarked products—Brain Activate, Active, and Hormone Support. 

In an interview, Whitney Johns talked about each of the flagship products in her supplement line and how they work. Brain Activate is uniquely formulated to support focus, memory, cognition, mood, and brain health. It is highly recommended to people who wish to get rid of or prevent brain fog, want to establish natural sleeping patterns, and need help in ketone production. Its key ingredient includes MCTs, spearmint extract, and marigold extract. Despite being caffeine-free and sugar-free, it still enables brain activation that can last at least eight hours or more. On top of that, clinical studies also show that there is a 46% increase in brain activation after taking the supplement. Widely acknowledged as brain food, it provides people with much-needed mental energy and focus during the day without disrupting their natural sleeping patterns at night. 

Active, on the other hand, is most suitable for those who are working on improving their physical performance, recovery, endurance, and oxygen consumption. As a matter of fact, this product is what Whitney Johns recommends for those who are keen on managing their weight and figure. The said supplement is enriched with 1,200 milligrams of the world’s strongest bergamot extract, Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit, maca root extract, choline, magnesium, and zinc. Bergamot is known to possess powerful health benefits for the heart and metabolism, as supported by 17 clinical studies. 

Lastly, Women’s Hormone Support helps balance hormone levels in the body, allowing consumers to experience boosted energy levels, an increase in libido, mood improvement, and faster fat metabolization. The unique combination of its ingredients also has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. It has Citrus Bergamot extract, maca root extract, Bulgarian Tribulus, damiana, and zinc. 

With such promising products out on the market, Whitney John has been creating significant waves in the world of wellness and health. On her way to becoming one of the leading authorities in the field, she could not be any happier about thriving in a career that she is truly passionate about. Proving to be unstoppable at her game with no plans of slowing down anytime soon, she continues to expand her horizons and translate her visions into reality. 


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