Fitness Guru Ryan Harden Established Harden Performance and Harden Essentials to Aid People on Their Fitness Journey

Eating a balanced and healthy meal and engaging in physical exercise are integral to self-care. However, for many people, it is easier said than done. It is a constant struggle to stay motivated toward achieving a fitness goal, and as someone intimately aware of this, fitness guru and dietician Ryan Harden stands at the helm of Harden Performance, a brand grounded in bringing awareness to achieving a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and customized fitness programs. 

Formerly known as Fit Evolution, Harden Performance is a subscription-based fitness program designed with effective nutritional strategies and training to help people achieve their fitness goals. It deviates from the traditional cookie-cutter fitness plan and, instead, offers clients a results-driven plan tailor-fitted to their lifestyles and goals, whether they have kids, work nine-to-five jobs, or are entrepreneurs. “Everything is customized to you and how your lifestyle is set up, and you can still reach your goals,” Ryan explained. 

On top of offering a personalized fitness program, Ryan helps his clients address their behavioral mindset and approach to fitness through one-on-one coaching and weekly check-ins. “We do a lot of mindsets and mindful training,” he says. In addition, the fitness guru sends a weekly video to his clients, checking in and helping to identify their fitness struggles and how best to address them. 

Sharing an example of the session, Ryan explained, “You may know that you need to eat a salad, but why aren’t you eating a salad? You already have that knowledge. So let’s break down the root cause of that. Is it because of time management? Are you anxious? Did you not prepare? Are you stressed out? Is something going on at home? We work through things like that.”

Continuing his mission to help people feel strong and confident while taking assured steps toward their fitness goals, Ryan brings his vast knowledge and decade of experience as a certified nutritionist, fitness expert and personal trainer into the mix and formulates a premium supplement brand, Harden Essentials. Although yet to be unveiled, Harden Essentials will aid Ryan’s coaching services, helping clients reach their ultimate fitness goals. 

The first product to be launched under the brand will be an ashwagandha gummy that will help with stress management. The main ingredient of this gummy supplement is ashwagandha KSM 66, a trademark form of the ashwagandha herb with the highest bioavailability of extracts. Other ingredients include vitamin D2, which helps to reduce physical and mental stress and lemon balm for a calming effect. 

As one of the leading experts in the fitness industry, Ryan’s passion for helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle stems from his struggle as an overweight teenager who was made fun of in high school. Determined to change his narrative and lose weight, the go-getter got into sports and started to do MMA, and over time, he watched his weight drop and body change. 

His struggles and triumphs in achieving his goals built his confidence, and as he grew older, he learned about nutrition and health and how different supplements and herbs can affect the body. He also worked at the Eastern State Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky, which helped him gain a better insight on how to address people’s emotional needs. This experience enabled him to develop a more compassionate approach and relationship with his clients today. As a result, he was driven to make a change and impact others, helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Aside from running a successful mentorship program, Ryan Hardens is also a fitness model. With his continuous drive to impact the world through result-driven fitness goals, the firebrand entrepreneur is proving to be an unstoppable force as he guides others toward lifestyle changes that can promote overall well-being. “Take your life by the wheel. Take action if you want something and a different result than what you’ve been getting. You have to be willing to do something differently,” he insightfully advised. 


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