Felipe Hasselmann: Culinary Visionary Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2023

Felipe Hasselmann: Culinary Visionary Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
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The world of gastronomy has been touched by many great names. While some may consider this realm to be dominated by celebrity chefs and restaurateurs, it’s the behind-the-scenes heroes, like Mr. Felipe Hasselmann, who often reshape the landscape in profound ways.

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) recently spotlighted such a culinary hero by awarding Felipe Hasselmann, the CEO of Cuisine Solutions, the title of Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2023 for the Mid-Atlantic region. This esteemed accolade is not handed out lightly. Selected by a panel that’s as illustrious as the award itself – comprising former winners, esteemed CEOs, investors, and other influential regional business figures – winners are evaluated on their embodiment of entrepreneurship, long-term value creation, and indomitable spirit.

For those who may not know, Cuisine Solutions is no ordinary brand in the food industry. Positioned as the global frontrunner in manufacturing and distributing sous vide foods, this company is the beacon of innovation in the culinary space. The technique of sous vide, a precise cooking method that ensures unparalleled flavor and texture, was not just popularized but perfected by Cuisine Solutions. The brainchild behind this brand’s unparalleled success? None other than Felipe Hasselmann.

From the bustling kitchens of over 22,000 restaurants to the premier seats on the world’s top 10 airlines, the presence of Cuisine Solutions is pervasive. That’s not all – over 6,000 retailers and myriad leading hotels also vouch for the brand’s excellence.

But who is Mr. Hasselmann, and what journey led him to helm such an influential enterprise? Tracing back to 2019, Felipe was appointed the chief executive officer of Cuisine Solutions, although his association with the brand dates back to 2000. Starting as the director of international development, Felipe’s leadership capabilities saw him climb the corporate ladder swiftly. By 2004, he was the chief of staff, and in just a year, he embraced the role of the company’s chief operating officer.

Yet, the culinary world wasn’t his first arena. Before redefining the gastronomic landscape with Cuisine Solutions, Hasselmann contributed to other giants in the business realm. He played pivotal roles in L’Oreal Paris and Frito Lay, adding value as the national director of business development in Brazil for the former and as a regional division manager for the latter. His early days also saw him infuse dynamism into Coca Cola’s sales division.

Educated at St. Ursula University and Pontiff Catholic University, both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Hasselmann’s expertise isn’t just confined to the realm of business. A polyglot, he is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

On receiving the award, Hasselmann’s humility and leadership shone through: ““I am honored and delighted to have been recognized as an Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 by Ernst & Young. This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering support and encouragement from the entire team at Cuisine Solutions.” He also emphasized the collaborative spirit and collective drive to innovation that powers Cuisine Solutions, viewing the award as a milestone in their journey towards even grander visions for the future.

An inspiration for many, Hasselmann’s journey from the boardrooms of L’Oreal Paris to pioneering the sous vide revolution is a testament to the magic that ensues when passion meets purpose.

For more about this culinary pioneer and his groundbreaking brand, visit https://cuisinesolutions.com/


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