Father and Son Power Duo Mike and Blake Klumpp to Cement Position in the Hemp Industry With Promising Provider of High-Quality CBD Products, Royal Echelon

The cannabis and hemp industry is expected to grow even more dramatically in the years to come following not only the federal legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, but also the increase in awareness among consumers of the role cannabidiol, in particular, plays in promoting physical and mental wellness. Hand in hand with this expansion is the influx of countless ventures and entrepreneurs who hope to meet the needs of a health-conscious market and close any gaps in a field that can still be considered relatively young. Mike Klumpp, an experienced entrepreneur at the helm of Ag Marvels, has held a coveted position within the competitive sector for years now, but he is bound to cement his standing even more solidly with the upcoming launch of Royal Echelon

The go-getter behind Michigan’s largest hemp extraction facility boasting over 3,000 acres of land, Mike Klumpp is not a new face to the entrepreneurial realm. When the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, he brought to the table an in-depth understanding of how to start and scale ventures and navigate the complex waters of the world of business.

“We have been in agriculture forever,” said the widely accomplished Michigan native. “We have been entrepreneurs forever; we own several businesses. We thought that hemp and agriculture were right up our alley, so we started planting hemp on our own farm a couple of years ago. And seeing the need for a processor in our area, we started putting together drawings and built this processing lab.”

Since establishing Ag Marvels, Mike has managed to rise through the ranks and earn the patronage of a long list of clients from different countries across the globe. “I deal with people all over the world right now,” he added, “most are in Greece, Switzerland, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Canada, several countries in Latin America, and South America.”

Never been the type to stay complacent and highly fueled by the overarching goal of helping people on their journey to health and wellness, Mike is currently joining forces with his son, Blake Klumpp, to launch Royal Echelon. 

Michael is also one of two appointed to serve on the USDA’s U.S. Trade Representative agricultural trade advisory committees to represent the hemp industry. He will capitalize on his expertise to introduce to the market an impressive line of high-end products. Under the leadership of this father and son duo, Royal Echelon, a vertically integrated company that aims to lend a hand to people seeking to transform into better and healthier versions of themselves, Will grow its own hemp, as well as process, Manufacture, And distribute a selection of top-notch products. 

Although it is yet to open, the retail CBD brand founded by Mike and Blake is already making a buzz in the industry. As they prepare to enter the CBD scene and make a mark, the passion-driven personalities are pouring everything into ensuring that they will offer nothing but the best health products and that they will be able to meet the unique needs of their future customers. 


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