Fashion Influencer Dawn Leak is in Pursuit of Success on Her Own Terms

Fashion influencer, model, writer, and future entrepreneur Dawn Leak is on her way to achieving her desired success in life. The 55-year-old, well-traveled and very determined model has a clear set of objectives in order to reach her success so she can be a positive influence, especially on the young people of this generation. 

Dawn grew up in the South Bronx but was born in Harlem. Many of her artistic talents stem from the artistry of her father, a poet, painter and sculptor. Her father also reassured her that it pays to always remain confident when pursuing one’s dreams. 

Her passion for fashion motivated her to fly to Europe and explore the smaller towns she missed on her other visits. Her first stop was Paris, where she received a lot of rejections, making her more serious about pursuing modeling. She eventually became a working model signed with Elite Paris. From then on, opportunities just came one after the other. She has appeared in several magazines, including German Elle, German Max, Vogue, and Italian Amica, and became the face of Absolut Vodka Africa. She also worked with high-end brands such as Yves St. Laurent, Issey Miyake, Thierry Mugler, Paco Rabanne, Azzedine Alaia and John Galliano.

“It’s important to remain focused. Your love for anything should outweigh your fears. You should try to be fearless to think outside the box…the norm,” Dawn said. “Don’t be afraid to actualize your purpose when there is no cushion…no safety net to guarantee success. Always be willing to take a chance that may supersede any hardships that we all may face.”

The fashion industry is a very competitive and challenging line of business, and Dawn understands all too well that it takes a lot to succeed in it. But, fortunately for her, her determination to pursue success is quite solid, and throughout her journey, she has remained focused on that goal.

“At any age, a model’s life is not all sunshine and roses. Success is rare and failure is very personal. The days are long, the waiting is endless and the travel is exhausting. And, the key to survival is to learn how to be mentally strong enough to handle the disappointments which are sure to come. I’ve been fortunate enough to survive as a model for decades by having a mindset of determination and strength,” she shared. 

Despite the odds, Dawn is inspired and committed to establishing a respected name in the industry. She intends to make several professional partnerships to boost her identity as a fashion influencer, model, writer, and future entrepreneur. For Dawn, accomplishing success is all about being fearless and fierce, attributes that are sure to catapult her to where she aspires to be. 

Dawn also wants to serve as an example to many young women out there who also dream of stepping out of their comfort zone to start something meaningful. Whether there is an instant opportunity or not, Dawn encourages them to just put themselves out there and welcome new growth and experiences that are worth retelling in the future. Who knows, they may also help inspire others in the same way she has. 


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